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What have we become

Our conversation has turned to
Yes, no, maybe
Okay, alright, yeah.
It used to be sentences,
paragraphs of I can’t get enough of you.
Now we sit together and talk, but
nothings being said.

How was your day?
What are you doing?
How do you feel?
All has answers that’s really just one word.
Sometimes just one letter.

Is this what social media and messaging applications has reduced us to?
Turning us into humans that interact with other humans without any human interaction.

We forget people’s phone numbers because we never call.
We take it down and send a text, but lately that’s all, I mean lately that’s it.
In fact, we rarely ask for phone numbers these days.
It’s more,
“Give me your WhatsApp number or your bbm pin.”
“What’s your Twitter handle? I’ll tweet you and we can keep in touch.”

That works for a while, but
how long does it last?
For some, maybe.

by BK TheRealist