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Tell Your Therapist

You didn’t think
You never do
That’s the crux of the matter
It’s always about you

Playing the victim
Looking for sympathy
Whilst blaming the victim
Losing all integrity

Sadness and sorrow
That’s what you’re about
Never making any effort
Just waiting for a hand out

Negative nelly
That’s who you are
Always seeing a problem
Looking for a scar

Quick to criticise
Quick with self-defence
Never apologizing
Never making amends

Always running
It’s what you do best
Moving on to the next victim
Creating your next ex to detest

Public humiliation
and public shame
At your hand I’ve had to endure
Can you say the same?

Now you’re here
Behind closed doors
Saying you’re sick
As if it’s an excuse for your flaws

Asking for my help,
Saying I owe you nothing.
Damn straight! I don’t.
Cause I had already given you everything!

You stripped me naked,
Left me vulnerable and bare.
Moved on to your ex
Who you said was crazy with despair

This may not entirely be true
But what does it matter
Cause it’s all just a lie when it comes to you

You played and degraded me
Had me thinking you were different
I lost all self-respect until I realized
You were irrelevant

Realizing my worth
I cut all ties
But you can’t seem to stay away
So I’ll have to set tears to your eyes

Creating your own drama
It’s what you’re fond of doing
An attention seeking whore
You are your own undoing

But not to worry, don’t you fear
You’ll always have your groupie gang
To run your mouth to
‘Cause why else would they hold you near?

So I’ll do as you ask
Tell you all I feel
I think you’re a piece of shit
That’s just me keeping it real

by Scarlette Phoenix

Tell Your Therapist (Intro)

If my exes are good for anything
It’s that they inspire me to write

Because I refuse to give them an ounce of my time
And won’t allow them to live rent free in my mind

Voicing my annoyance
Seems an unnecessary burden to share
So I put pen to paper
And lay my emotions bare

It helps to clear my mind
And keep myself in check
So I don’t stoop down to their level
And do something I’ll regret

by Scarlette Phoenix