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Wednesdays’ Child

To be a better me
I need to set me free

To be a leader, a dreamer
An innovator, a believer

With my head in the clouds
My feet firmly on the ground
To wear my heart on my sleeve
For my words to never leave

To be a realist, an opportunist
Myself to the fullest

No restrictions, no limitations
Strengthening relations with no expectations

To steer clear of the drama, bullshit and petty
No need for unnecessary negativity to make my life messy

To not conform to norms
To play be my own rules
And set my own standards
To avoid all shitstorms
To not be made a fool
And outsmart all bandits

To be a better me
I need to set me free.

by Scarlette Phoenix

To Love and Let Go

When I love
I love hard
Because on my sleeve
I wear my heart

From the moment
I’ve decided you’re the one
My heart opens up
And my walls come crashing down

When things get shaky
And our bond begins to break
I reach deep within and pray
We overcome the troubles of this quake

But should things fall apart
I’ll pack up my feelings neatly
and quietly leave to mend my broken heart

How I choose to heal
Is to block out what I feel
To numb myself down
So in tears I don’t drown

With each passing day
I rebuild my walls
Each stronger than the last
Each one cushioning my fall

The higher I go
The clearer I see
I was a fool to let you in
But that’s all on me

I live and I learn
and with time I become wise
Learning from my broken heart
Not giving it to you twice

Now I’m in my castle
Sitting on my throne
Fixing my crown
Proud of how much I’ve grown

With words you could tear me down
And bring me to my knees
But now they fall on deaf ears
Because you I no longer need to appease

Now you’re the one begging and pleading
For an ounce of attention
Because no one else can give you
My brand of affection

But my emotions for you
Are long gone and forgotten
Dead and buried
Memories erased and rewritten

by Scarlette Phoenix

Tell Your Therapist

You didn’t think
You never do
That’s the crux of the matter
It’s always about you

Playing the victim
Looking for sympathy
Whilst blaming the victim
Losing all integrity

Sadness and sorrow
That’s what you’re about
Never making any effort
Just waiting for a hand out

Negative nelly
That’s who you are
Always seeing a problem
Looking for a scar

Quick to criticise
Quick with self-defence
Never apologizing
Never making amends

Always running
It’s what you do best
Moving on to the next victim
Creating your next ex to detest

Public humiliation
and public shame
At your hand I’ve had to endure
Can you say the same?

Now you’re here
Behind closed doors
Saying you’re sick
As if it’s an excuse for your flaws

Asking for my help,
Saying I owe you nothing.
Damn straight! I don’t.
Cause I had already given you everything!

You stripped me naked,
Left me vulnerable and bare.
Moved on to your ex
Who you said was crazy with despair

This may not entirely be true
But what does it matter
Cause it’s all just a lie when it comes to you

You played and degraded me
Had me thinking you were different
I lost all self-respect until I realized
You were irrelevant

Realizing my worth
I cut all ties
But you can’t seem to stay away
So I’ll have to set tears to your eyes

Creating your own drama
It’s what you’re fond of doing
An attention seeking whore
You are your own undoing

But not to worry, don’t you fear
You’ll always have your groupie gang
To run your mouth to
‘Cause why else would they hold you near?

So I’ll do as you ask
Tell you all I feel
I think you’re a piece of shit
That’s just me keeping it real

by Scarlette Phoenix

Tell Your Therapist (Intro)

If my exes are good for anything
It’s that they inspire me to write

Because I refuse to give them an ounce of my time
And won’t allow them to live rent free in my mind

Voicing my annoyance
Seems an unnecessary burden to share
So I put pen to paper
And lay my emotions bare

It helps to clear my mind
And keep myself in check
So I don’t stoop down to their level
And do something I’ll regret

by Scarlette Phoenix

Don’t Do Broke

Growing up
She wasn’t exactly poor
Her family managed to scrape by
Because Her mother was a doer

She’d only known men
To be lazy and worthless
In her young mind
Women had to be strong and ambitious

Watching her mother
Strive toward success
She knew there’d be a time
When she’d too be put to the test

Each relationship
She seemed to have
Was with a man
Without a plan

She didn’t mind
To her it was the norm
Poor lost souls
Didn’t know why they were born

As she grew older
And met better men
She soon realised
She was worth a ten

All the years
Doing as her mother did
Taking care of things
And getting neglected

It has to stop
The vicious cycle
Needs to come to an end
Or she’d be stuck like chicle

When her last relationship ended
A little voice inside her spoke
“it’s over now,  we’re done
We can’t ever again do broke”

by Scarlette Phoenix

The Girl

I’m not that girl

The girl you call when your homies cancel and you’ve got nothing better to do

I’m not that girl

The girl that’s only good enough to come around after dark to share your bed

I’m not that girl

The girl you call at 2am cz you’re bored and can’t sleep

I’m not that girl

I’m more than that

I’m the girl you can’t stop thinking of, morning noon and night

I’m that girl

I’m the girl you miss when you’ve just left her or ended the call

I’m that girl

I’m the girl whose hand you hold in public, cz you’re proud to be seen with me

I’m that girl

I’m the girl you tell everyone who cares to listen about

I’m that girl

coz if you want me to be the girl you call up when you’re lonely

I gotta be the girl you show off to the world like a trophy

by Scarlette Phoenix

I am enough

I am enough
Infact I am more than enough

You might disagree with me
But remember
It’s a sin to be glutton

If however
You have delicate pallette
You’re probably better off
Choosing a salad

If you’re adventurous
give me a try
After the first bite or two
You might be pleasantly surprised

Like a fine wine
I’m an acquired taste
Savour each sip
or it’ll be a waste

Explore my mind
Find the treasures within
Thoughts and ideas
Beauty deeper than skin

Dive into my emotions
Delve into my feels
Drown in my ocean
Know that I am for real

I am enough
Sometimes more
than anyone can handle

I am enough
Sometimes too much
But only if you’re fragile

by Scarlette Phoenix

Love Thy Self

Open your eyes
To the break of day
Take a deep breath
And to yourself say

“Today I promise
To mine self I’ll be true
For if not me,
Then who?”

Rise up and out of
your sleepy slumber
As the sun peaks through
Dark clouds after thunder

Be the light
Seen from far and wide
Let your soul shine bright
and be filled with pride

With each step you take
Hold your head high
Be not ashamed of your past
instead use it to fly

Speak loud and clear
Do not whisper or stutter
Raise your voice up
For your opinions too do matter

Watch the beauty and colour
Around you of nature
What would the world be
Without you in its picture

Listen in wonder and awe
Your truth loud and clear
with it in hand
What do you have to fear

Let not others
rule your tongue
Let them not command
Your hearts’ song

Only you can decide
Who’s worth the fight
But win or lose
Do not lose sight

Do not lose yourself
Always be true
For no other
Will accept you as you do.

by Scarlette Phoenix


I don’t live for the standards of others
I don’t live to meet their needs
I live to ensure my survival
I live to find happiness within

Each day brings choices
Each day brings struggle
Each day I fight my demons
Some days I fall and stumble

Wading through a flurry of thoughts
Trying not to sink into the dark below
On a rollercoaster of emotion
Holding my head high, fighting to not let go

Seeking a safe space
Where I can let myself be free
Away from the judgment of others
Away from their toxicity

Hoping to find a helping hand
Hoping to find a guiding light
Hoping to find a friend
Who’ll be there throughout my plight

Who’ll help me face my fears
Who’ll stand by me on the frontline
Who’ll have my back no matter what
Who’ll make sure that I’m fine

Who’ll share the joys of my success
And wipe my tears when I fail
Who’ll hold my hand and remind me
That tomorrow is another day

by Scarlette Phoenix

Being A Woman

She simply smiles
her smile
closes her eyes
And looks away

The words he speaks
Cut so deep
She can barely breath
So she just smiles

Touching her hand meant to soothe
Sends shivers down her spine
Not to be rude she doesn’t move
But instead just sits and smiles

Pulling her in
To holds her close
She let’s him be
And smiles

She cannot show
how weak she feels
Wanting to break down and cry
So she smiles instead

Deep inside
Her heart is breaking
But she cannot let him see
So Turning away she just smiles

As a woman
She cannot just be
she’s not just a woman
She’s also a lady

No matter
The pain
No matter
The hurt

She puts on
A brave gave
And simply

She wants
To kick
She wants
To scream

But all she does is smile

by Scarlette Phoenix