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The End is the Beginning

But in the twilight of our latter days
just before we feel the unfamiliar hands of senescence
seeking our unquestionable acceptance of the inevitable
Will we prefer the  wanderings of a languishing mind
saturated in favourite memories
marbled in the bittersweet breath of time – inescapable

Will we wish for a sharpening of the senses
so that details etched on the canvas of cognition  a minute ago
can be fetched again and vividly so
and the minutiae thereof made palpable

Will we yearn for the Utopia of complete liberosis
or was that merely an imagined state imbued into the collective consciousness
lacking form and fragmenting into the terror of psychosis

Will we bow down with quiet dignity and extend a gnarled, liver-spotted hand unto Death
shaping our pliable bodies to fit its draping form tentatively  taking unrehearsed steps as he leads us into our newly awakened norm

by Robyn Radcliffe