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Stories by Kah-Dee

Stories, written and composed by Ricardo Herdien, also known as Kah-Dee is a 5 track album covering stories that rings in the soul of our communities of color and sung in Afrikaans. He features rappers, Holy Gokez and Plofstof on “Abba Vade Land” and singer, Nithaam Solomon on “Bedien”. Some of these stories were written up to 12 years ago and with the help of producer, Paul Telegram, from PST Productions, they were all recorded within a week.

Scripted videos for the project are still being planned and is definitely something that we are looking forward too.

Track List
Storie 1: Meisie (Cape Flats Romance)
Storie 2: Onbeweeglik (Emotion Depicting The Force Removal)
Stories 3: Pitkop (The unraveling of colonization and the indigenous people of the Southern Africa)
Storie 4: Bedien (The dynamics of two major religions; Islam and Christianity, serving the same community and how their heart for people makes them family)
Storie 5: Abba Vade Land (A prayer describing in details to the higher power, the daily violence our communities face)

For now, the album is now available on hardcopy directly from Kah-Dee for the very low price of R100 and will very soon be available on all major music streaming platforms.

To order your copy contact Kah-Dee on 078 408 5651

Island Roc Vocal Recording Special

Island Roc Music is an independent record label based in Cape Town. They do vocal recording, mixing & mastering, music production and music videos at affordable rates. With Garth Permall aka Loon Hefner at the helm, they’ve worked on some massive hits to come out of Cape Town. Recently they worked with artists like Kro-Barz, Wayne McKay and Young Goofy. Here is your chance to get your songs recorded by one of the best in the business.

Island Roc Music currently has a special running. Vocal recording sessions for only R350. Yes, you read that right. Sooooooo, what exactly is it you’re waiting for?

Dala what you must, you know that you’ll be spending a lot more on booze over the weekend. Make the right decision for your career right now.

islandrocpro@gmail.com | 0721466981 (Garth)

Instagram: @Loon_Hefner | Twitter: @LoonDaChef
Facebook: Garth Permall | Facebook: Island Roc
SoundCloud: Loon Hefner