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Tick Tock

Chip on my shoulder
A harsh reality I candidly wished as a youth to be older
Thought process
Age brings freedom
My childhood I looked upon like a demon, I confess
Removing this curse I used nap times as cunning plans
Saw time move swiftly until a ring and a baby met my hands
Tricked by time, the clock steady moving
This once fetus now taking first steps
Time still proving
That fast or slow it no longer ticks for me
An older man approaches, I greet, our lips move simultaneously
Insanity, this familiar copy cat
He claims he knows me and what am I scoffing at
Chip on my shoulder
A harsh reality I candidly wish for my youth as I’m older

by Timsus


My pen a stylist, now watch me dress this beat up
Give you a track so hot, even in hell it would turn the heat up
Make blood sweat from your crown
Crucify you, pass your coffin around
Your crew getting your hand me downs
Compared to you, yeah I’m realer
Holder of the sixth seal, but I prefer, lyrical serial killer
A hunter in the misty forest
An atomic missile and you on my bomb list
Jedi mind tricks not needed, you’re that weak
T Obi N, master of the pen, these are the skills you seek
Already salivating, begin the masticating
A hooded cloak, a black hand with a ring, don’t keep the master waiting
Feed this monster hold back the hounds
Now look at the truth you found
That when your heart pounds
And your bones make that crackling sounds
You see me standing over you
Chainsaw in one hand, bible in the other
A demon with angel wings bludgeoning his brother

by Timsus

Thump, Thump, Thump

A feeling so intense
So passionate.
So passionately intense
That’s when I look into your eyes.
I feel the vibration in my ears
From the drum that’s beating in my heart; going
Thump, thump, thump

Hastily racing, excitedly pacing
The thought of you facing, just
Looking my way.
I’m captured by your eyes
And soon I realize
That the beat of my heart’s growing louder; going
Thump, thump, thump

You raise your hand, to touch my cheek
I smile, knowing
You make me weak.
I want to speak but the words don’t come.
I want to touch you, but my hands are numb.
My resistance dies in an instant
And yet one thing remains constant
That’s the beat of my heart growing louder; going
Thump, thump, thump

Never before have I felt like this
Never before has my control gone amiss
Never before has my heart gone a bliss
Never ever before the first kiss
And yet my heart does not a beat miss; going
Thump, thump, thump

I build the courage to just touch your face
My blood racing to my hearts violent pace
A beautiful woman with such style and grace
I cannot believe we’re in the same space
My hand meets your silky soft skin
I feel like Adam committing the first sin
And it has to be my adrenalin
That’s got my heart drumming
Thump, thump, thump

I kiss your lips and as ours meet
Like stream and river, just meant to be
And as our tongues flow like river to sea
I don’t think you realize how much you mean to me
I intend to show you, everyday
In everything I do, in every single way
It’s with you that I want to stay
Until on my last day
Until my heart has no more drum
Until there is no more
Thump, thump, thump

by BK TheRealist


Will this haunt me forever?

A dark cloud looming at the foot of the rainbow…

Walking footsteps of hesitation

100 self help blog posts later
10 000 prayers
50 missed opportunities
500 attempts to smile
20 mornings spent in bed thinking
2 broken hearts
3 silent cries for help

The sun hiding behind the clouds…waiting
Standing at a red traffic light.

Hooting at the traffic light, looking at the driver in the car next to me. 
A strangers smile
Pausing for a moment, embarrassing the warmth of the sun on my skin and the sudden burst of pure happiness. 
I laugh and realise how thankful I am.

It might haunt me, but there are so many reasons to smile. 

Turning up the volume on the radio, singing out loud, dancing in my car. No anxiety in sight. 

I smiled 
I lived in the moment 
I danced
I was happy 
I didn’t hesitate 
I asked for help
I prayed, I prayed hard
I made that doctors appointment

I continued to smile

Most importantly I found redemption and healing in a simple smile. 

by Candace Conradie

Tell Your Therapist

You didn’t think
You never do
That’s the crux of the matter
It’s always about you

Playing the victim
Looking for sympathy
Whilst blaming the victim
Losing all integrity

Sadness and sorrow
That’s what you’re about
Never making any effort
Just waiting for a hand out

Negative nelly
That’s who you are
Always seeing a problem
Looking for a scar

Quick to criticise
Quick with self-defence
Never apologizing
Never making amends

Always running
It’s what you do best
Moving on to the next victim
Creating your next ex to detest

Public humiliation
and public shame
At your hand I’ve had to endure
Can you say the same?

Now you’re here
Behind closed doors
Saying you’re sick
As if it’s an excuse for your flaws

Asking for my help,
Saying I owe you nothing.
Damn straight! I don’t.
Cause I had already given you everything!

You stripped me naked,
Left me vulnerable and bare.
Moved on to your ex
Who you said was crazy with despair

This may not entirely be true
But what does it matter
Cause it’s all just a lie when it comes to you

You played and degraded me
Had me thinking you were different
I lost all self-respect until I realized
You were irrelevant

Realizing my worth
I cut all ties
But you can’t seem to stay away
So I’ll have to set tears to your eyes

Creating your own drama
It’s what you’re fond of doing
An attention seeking whore
You are your own undoing

But not to worry, don’t you fear
You’ll always have your groupie gang
To run your mouth to
‘Cause why else would they hold you near?

So I’ll do as you ask
Tell you all I feel
I think you’re a piece of shit
That’s just me keeping it real

by Scarlette Phoenix

Tell Your Therapist (Intro)

If my exes are good for anything
It’s that they inspire me to write

Because I refuse to give them an ounce of my time
And won’t allow them to live rent free in my mind

Voicing my annoyance
Seems an unnecessary burden to share
So I put pen to paper
And lay my emotions bare

It helps to clear my mind
And keep myself in check
So I don’t stoop down to their level
And do something I’ll regret

by Scarlette Phoenix

Unawakened Soul

The words flowing from my pen shoot like bullets to target your unawakened soul.


What is your purpose? I ask you again. What is your purpose?

Is your purpose linked to what is deep routed in your heart or is it just a carbon copy of the Instagram post you saw.

Get lost in it for second.

Thinking back to the days when all we thought about was playing outside with our friends, waiting for our moms to call us inside when the street lights came on.
We realise that life is simple.

Looking at the world through the eyes of child gives us so much perspective.

Why? Why? Why?

We used to question everything… now all we seem to do is sit back watch others define what the wrongs and rights are.

But why? The 5 year old in me is constantly asking why?

The words flowing from my pen shoot like bullets to target your unawakened soul.

Are you awake yet, I ask you are you awake?

by Candace Conradie


Her life is now consumed
by the silence, no one hears
her cry, did you not care
when you stole
her dreams and
tore her life apart?

Do you not hear her voice?
Crying in vain, did you not stop
to hear her voice when you
stole her innocence?

Withdrawn into the darkness
of her emotions, her tears fall
in silence.
There’s no comfort
from the pain.

She falls from this world, in silence.
No longer feeling the pain or remembers
the way you stole
her innocence.

by Shuaib Gamildien

The Lazy Defense

The constant appeal is for doing more
Honour and validate your ten threescore
Our hours employed in the making , doing
Frenetic e’en when peace , calm pursuing
Pushing ourselves hard to make an impact
Agenda determined we think and act
And this not arguing don’t misunderstand
Only the foolish will ignore demand
The absolute requirements ahead
Plus the bottom-line needs of board and bed
To ‘rise and shine’, ‘stand up and be counted’
Every deed, every action valued and amounted
The responding call , the race’s seeming grace
Casual concern ’round lessening the pace
Tragic the denial of what you’re missing
When no occasion to pause, do nothing

by Soli Philander

At War

There’s a blade in my hand, telling me there’s no hope
How can you cope, when you drowning in a well and the bucket got a cut rope
Look, life is cut-throat
Spring born, hoping for a halo but all I got are these horns
A trip to the future, a father cries, and a mother mourns
Its hard to bury a son
even harder to bury those dreams, when you realize he wasn’t the one
he decided he wasn’t gonna make it
You never knew, but it was harder for him to take it
Wake up man, this dust and the sand you can shake it
Who knew that a will to survive, you could break it
A tear-stained letter saying don’t cry for me
Play my favourite song, then tell this lie for me
Tell them I was hopeful and had so many dreams
When the truth is, in the end, all I had was screams
So is there a heaven, if there is then I’m going to hell
These are my words, that I cant read, tried to write, and hope you tell

by Timsus