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The highly anticipated collaboration between the RnB visionary YesPlsNdThnkYou and the Hip-Hop powerhouse Mvula Drae has finally arrived.

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‘Outchea’ is an introspective look at the internal struggles we all face as individuals, as artists, as human beings. It is also an ode to the unflinching spirit of persistence, even when faced with demotivation and depression.

YPNTY approaches the track with a reserved delivery in the beginning, slowly building up to a vocal crescendo by the end of his verse. Mvula Drae then elevates the song to new energetic heights with his signature rap cadence and impeccable lyricism.

The production on this track was a joint effort between YPNTY and GSoul (Aka Garth Soul). YesPlsNdThnkYou laid down the basic melody and chord progression and GSoul rounded it off with punchy drums and a thick bassline, which sits beautifully beneath the haunting synths.


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The explicit album version of the track will be released on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify on the 30th of August 2019.

There is also a short film/music video releasing in September, directed by Pappa Brown Films, which beautifully compliments the song.