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Love Thy Self

Open your eyes
To the break of day
Take a deep breath
And to yourself say

“Today I promise
To mine self I’ll be true
For if not me,
Then who?”

Rise up and out of
your sleepy slumber
As the sun peaks through
Dark clouds after thunder

Be the light
Seen from far and wide
Let your soul shine bright
and be filled with pride

With each step you take
Hold your head high
Be not ashamed of your past
instead use it to fly

Speak loud and clear
Do not whisper or stutter
Raise your voice up
For your opinions too do matter

Watch the beauty and colour
Around you of nature
What would the world be
Without you in its picture

Listen in wonder and awe
Your truth loud and clear
with it in hand
What do you have to fear

Let not others
rule your tongue
Let them not command
Your hearts’ song

Only you can decide
Who’s worth the fight
But win or lose
Do not lose sight

Do not lose yourself
Always be true
For no other
Will accept you as you do.

by Scarlette Phoenix