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Late Nights, Early Graves

The latest offering from Cape Town’s unique RnB singer/songwriter and producer, YesPlsNdThnkYou, is a project more than 3 years in the making. Building on his previous body of work, which comprises multiple singles and no less than four EPs, this is YPNTY’s first full length studio album.

Album cover.

The aptly named “Late Nights. Early Graves.” is a journey through the spectrum of overindulging in that which is pleasurable. This begins with him basking in the bravado of being at the top of his game and feeling bulletproof with the aid of sex and substances; but ultimately culminates in him drowning in the aftermath of it all.

This album is dark and daring, but it is also meant to serve as an exercise in self- reflection for anyone who can relate to having too much of a good time and then living with the consequences.

Album tracklist.

Late Nights, Early Graves officially drops tomorrow on ALL major streaming platforms. Click HERE to pre-save and you won’t even need us to remind you again.

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