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CREAM MACHINE – Rest in Peace song

Jarre broe dussie reg nie
Ek hou my cool maar my mood is unhappy
Ek kan nou nog nie gloe jy is weg nie
Ek gloe ‘Rest in Peace’ is die droewigste message
Dit voel soes gister ou bra
Toe os afkoel met n kus en n kraan
Ma nou issit jou kus wat os dra
Jou begrafnis het ons stukkend gemaak
Ek praat gister met jou sister en jou
Pa buddy en vir jou ma vra ek Tamaaf tannie
Dit pla my dat ek nie daar was nie
Toe jy jou laaste asem uitblaas daai laat nag nie
Want ek moes jou defend het
‘soes jy vir my defend het
nou voel ek vi revenge vat

Ons gaan jou regtig waar mis
was ek n God, bring ek jou regtigwaar trug
Vir jou sal ek onthou met dai smile op jou gesig
jou gatvattery het altyd ons spirits gelig
The good die young
hoekom moes jy nou gegaan it
daar was dan soe baie goete wat jy nog beplan het
karre wat jy wil gevang it
met rande wat jy gespaar het
Met n waarheid
jy was n bra jy
toe n man swaar kry
jy’t altyd ge ‘saam kyk’
dan vra jy what kine?
as ek kwaad lyk
en na daai is ek fine
en ons lines
en ons gaan syp
die hele nag by n yard of n cupcake
secrets between vat ek tot by graf, straight
want ek moes jou defend het
soes jy vir my defend het
nou voel ek vir revenge vat

YoungstaCPT – Kleurling

“I wrote Kleurling in 2018 as I felt as though an authentic coloured narrative hadn’t been properly decoded yet…I had done songs like SALUTAS and Wes-Kaap which detailed the lifestyle but as far as the coloured condition and what it was like to be coloured and have our thoughts and anger and knowing where it stems from through years of systemic oppression, I had never tapped into that before. I didn’t want to make it too serious so I also gave it a new school bounce and some current appeal. I made sure I added a serious undertone to always have the main message stand out.

Coloured people have an individual history as indigenous people of South Africa. They were named ‘Coloured’ and stripped of their tribal titles. What was given to us as a means of shame we now wear as a badge of pride and honour and even though it is something we should not perpetuate to the next generation, those who were affected by it shouldn’t be embarrassed but be proud as we are the ones who now survived that storm.

Kleurling was shot at the District Six museum when I heard it was in Danger of closing due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The areas that I went to film in were Westbury in Johannesburg and Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town just to show the similarities in our environments even though we are separated. The oppression among people of colour exists everywhere in the world where they’re found but this video just explains some of the divisions but how similar they are regardless of location, South Africa has labeled coloured people as the bastard children of the nation and in some cases it maybe true but that doesn’t makes us inferior! And it’s my duty to convey that message as God wills it…” YoungstaCPT


Vannie Kaap

With his debut full length album, “Late Nights. Early Graves.” only a month away, Cape Town RnB artist YesPlsNdThnkYou has just surprised us all with a brand new single. Straight off the album which drops in September 2020, the new single entitled “Vannie Kaap” is nothing short of a Kaapstad summer anthem.

Featuring the legendary emcee, Linkris The Genius, who’s presence has been sorely missed since his recent hiatus, this track embodies the positive spirit that endures throughout their city. Produced by Garth Soul, who has worked with YPNTY on a couple of projects already, he has once again
constructed a sonic gem that speaks to both the streets and the clubs.

Check out “Vannie Kaap” here and stay tuned for more details on the upcoming album.

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