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Don’t Do Broke

Growing up
She wasn’t exactly poor
Her family managed to scrape by
Because Her mother was a doer

She’d only known men
To be lazy and worthless
In her young mind
Women had to be strong and ambitious

Watching her mother
Strive toward success
She knew there’d be a time
When she’d too be put to the test

Each relationship
She seemed to have
Was with a man
Without a plan

She didn’t mind
To her it was the norm
Poor lost souls
Didn’t know why they were born

As she grew older
And met better men
She soon realised
She was worth a ten

All the years
Doing as her mother did
Taking care of things
And getting neglected

It has to stop
The vicious cycle
Needs to come to an end
Or she’d be stuck like chicle

When her last relationship ended
A little voice inside her spoke
“it’s over now,  we’re done
We can’t ever again do broke”

by Scarlette Phoenix