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Jimi Priceless

Growing up in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, even being an introverted child, he knew he wanted to be a “Somebody”. That “Somebody” turned out to be himself, recreated by his own proverbial hands as Jimi Priceless.

Jimi Priceless has been making music since 2011 and over the years has experimented with different styles of music and continues to do so while becoming more secure in his artistry. Initially focusing on mainly rapping, throughout the years he delved into the melodic side of things while enlisting auto-tune to do the work his vocal cords can’t.

Still not having lost his introversion, he has also taken on the moniker of ‘The Brown Recluse’. Which makes sense because brown recluse spiders are found on webs, and it is very likely that the only place you’ll cross paths with Jimi Priceless is on the web (the worldwide one). He has embraced this and has even titled his podcast “The Brown Recluse” and has earned a reputation of releasing music consistently, so coming across him on the web is a likely occurrence.

With the intention of building a cult following, it is only right for Jimi Priceless to have an affinity for those who are fans and support his grind. He has christened his fan base as “JPCMV” (Jimi Priceless Cultus Modus Vivendi). The next step for him is to grow this following and to continue reaching higher levels of artistry and impact.

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