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She don’t go for broke

She don’t go for broke, but like a moth to a flame she gets drawn to the broken. 

We all know this girl. 

She don’t go for guys with empty pockets, but she’ll try to fill an empty heart. 

See the mistake she makes is that a guy with no money will do whatever to make you happy, but a guy with no emotions…​

A​ ​guy with no emotions can’t even care if you’re happy or not.
He’ll just do whatever so that you can make him happy.
She don’t go for broke,
but like a moth to the flame she is drawn to the broken. 

Broken hearted. 

Broken spirits. 

Broken lives. 

Broken what ever they have. 

That’s what she wants. 

Except for broken bank accounts.

It’s better to cry in a BMW than on the bus, right? 


Crying is crying is crying. 
She don’t go for broke, but like a moth to the flame she is drawn to the broken.

by BK TheRealist

Dai Hip Hop – Terror MC & Raymon Spitfire

Kyk hier. You know how we say WU-TANG is for the kids, ne… Now this track, this one is not for the laaities man. Die een is virrie heads. Die is DAI HIP HOP, Dai Hip Hop van substance.

Terror MC is back and he brought Raymon Spifire with him.

Produced by: Terror MC for Terror Vision Production
Video captured by Oswald Jacobs for Frozen Eye Photography
Location: Ravensmead and BC Electronics
Directed by: Monray Lopes for 7493 Entertainment
Edited by: Durable Plaatjies aka D.O.E.P

HITMAN – Blaze

We know Blaze from tracks like Money Train, Born and Raised and Making Money. He came through with another banger. I must say the hook to this track is catchy and its going to be playing over at my house all weekend long.
The video does have some pretty dope cameo’s as well.

As long as I’ve known this man, he’s had crazy drive and a vision to progress. Judging by this video, Blaze surely has some more heat coming and I for one am excited to see what’s next.

You can also check out Blaze and his family in his new reality show, Hybrid Core. Be sure to also subscribe to his social media pages to get updates on all new episodes dropping. Also, do the right thing and cop those Hybrid Core tee’s before they sell out.

There’s A Silence

There’s a silence in the hood when the youth die
and no one knows how to react when our moms cry.
The pain in her heart is reflected in her stare,
she’s living through her worst nightmare.

We just try to let our words soothe her,
a comforting touch,
a shoulder for her tears is all we got,
though it isn’t much.

The father’s quiet,
staring into space.
He’s not used to showing emotion,
but it’s showing on his face.

What the fuck is he supposed to do?
HULK out?
Let the anger flow through him,
until he physically breaks down?
It’s weighing on him, heavily
and everyone says his baby’s new home is heavenly,
but how does he accept it?
What does he say to the woman who gave birth
to the blessing he should have protected?

There’s a silence in the hood when the youth die.
We used to live to survive; now we just get by.
Any day could be our last, and yet we still try.
Despite death, we celebrate life, with not a dry eye.

There’s a silence in the hood when the youth die, cause
when they’re silencing the youth then the hood dies.

by BK TheRealist