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Niks beweeg nie, my hart hardloop asof dit wil weghardloop.

Trane begin te vloei en ek begin glimlag. Ek is dankbaar!

Ek haal asem as of dit die laaste keer is! In ‘n wêreld waar mens aan soeveel dinge moet dink voor jy by jou huis kan uit stap… is ek net dankbaar vir klein dinge. 

Asem , ń glimlag en nog ń kans om op te staan in die oggend. 

Die Here ken my hart en hoor my gebede. 

My glimlag is ń simbool van hoe dankbaar ek is. 

My geloof word nie in die donker tye verswak nie, maar versterk met die wete dat dit ń seisoen is en my glimlag weer sal terugkeer.

My glimlag is ń simbool van hoe dankbaar ek is.

Candace Conradie

Bearing the pages

I’ve wasted far too many tears on the person I thought you were.

The sunrise awakens my mind… “Today is the last day your name stains my tears.” I vowed.

Like a gust of wind, you flung my story to the floor…bearing the pages of life. Cover to cover you know my every weakness, hopes… Even the plans for the next chapter with you as the lead character.

Flapping to the force of the storm…. I’ve unraveled!

Pages of heartbreak ripping out, drifting away as the storm calms…

The connection of minds and bodies! The softness of your hair between my fingertips. .The faint giggles are remnants of an incomplete story.

You are far from a thief in the night. I chose to let you in.

Your words filled the pages of my diary only to be ripped out by the winds of reality.

If I read your story would I appear at all?

on my knees I lay, SCREAMING to the Lord for help,

Words have power…how many more chapters will I right before the pen runs dry?

by Candace Conradie


Will this haunt me forever?

A dark cloud looming at the foot of the rainbow…

Walking footsteps of hesitation

100 self help blog posts later
10 000 prayers
50 missed opportunities
500 attempts to smile
20 mornings spent in bed thinking
2 broken hearts
3 silent cries for help

The sun hiding behind the clouds…waiting
Standing at a red traffic light.

Hooting at the traffic light, looking at the driver in the car next to me. 
A strangers smile
Pausing for a moment, embarrassing the warmth of the sun on my skin and the sudden burst of pure happiness. 
I laugh and realise how thankful I am.

It might haunt me, but there are so many reasons to smile. 

Turning up the volume on the radio, singing out loud, dancing in my car. No anxiety in sight. 

I smiled 
I lived in the moment 
I danced
I was happy 
I didn’t hesitate 
I asked for help
I prayed, I prayed hard
I made that doctors appointment

I continued to smile

Most importantly I found redemption and healing in a simple smile. 

by Candace Conradie

Unawakened Soul

The words flowing from my pen shoot like bullets to target your unawakened soul.


What is your purpose? I ask you again. What is your purpose?

Is your purpose linked to what is deep routed in your heart or is it just a carbon copy of the Instagram post you saw.

Get lost in it for second.

Thinking back to the days when all we thought about was playing outside with our friends, waiting for our moms to call us inside when the street lights came on.
We realise that life is simple.

Looking at the world through the eyes of child gives us so much perspective.

Why? Why? Why?

We used to question everything… now all we seem to do is sit back watch others define what the wrongs and rights are.

But why? The 5 year old in me is constantly asking why?

The words flowing from my pen shoot like bullets to target your unawakened soul.

Are you awake yet, I ask you are you awake?

by Candace Conradie

I found it in gratitude

My fear and anxiety were the footsteps that led me to new found gratitude.
Breaking News, office chatter and social media, 3 friends I give my attention to every day.
Have you heard?
The inevitable occurred and our new reality began.
No matter how many times someone told me “It’s going to be ok” I still needed to face my fears and
anxieties in my own time.
Under the blankets, processing my thoughts…I remembered what they said “It’s going to be ok”
My faith was still not shaken by this unfamiliar feeling of fear and anxiety that followed me for days.
Relaxing in the bath…naked with my thoughts.
The simplicities of life flooded my mind
I had a hot meal today.
I have a roof over my head and I was safe from last night’s storm.
Two things I took for granted on my mission to relieve this strange feeling.
My fear and anxiety are our fears and our anxieties.
My prayers for restoration and medical breakthroughs are our nations cry
My hope for humanity has not been shattered.
What happens next? I don’t KNOW. I DON’T KNOW. We don’t know.
A simple question, fueling my fears and anxiety has yet to be answered.
What I know for sure is that we have been forced to face our fears, forced to humble ourselves, forced
to submit to authority.
My fears and anxieties have led me to new found gratitude.
Where has yours led you?

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By Candace Conradie

Rise Young girl, Rise

Step forward and walk with pride
“And still I rise” Historical words by Maya Angelou resonate and stir my soul.
Your life’s definition is something you wrote (Albeit by guidance, faith and a few mistakes
along the way)
She rose!
Just like you did
Just like others will.
Step forward and walk with pride
Acknowledge your weaknesses but don’t let that falter your path or mind.
Young girl rise
Scream it: Young girl rise!
Straight hair, curly hair, curvy, thin…your appearance is one aspect of who you are.
Young girl rise
Raise your voice
Young girl rise

By Candace Conradie

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