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Being unemployed is one hell of a motivator, but also my friend, Bev, borrowed me her old sewing machine and said that I should give it a try. Also, the idea of 100% locally produced from fabric to accessories really appealed to me on a visceral level.

Part of me wanted something different from what is available in the current market and I figured that I will design and make things that really appeal to me. I am fortunate that people really like that my stuff is different from what is available

The AfroPrincess bow-ties are perfect for when you want to stand out at a special event, but can also be worn to make a statement when we return to the office.

One of my highlights was designing the backpack as I could not find one that I liked and I was really frustrated with what was available in the stores. I literally designed it around my needs.
1. I travel by public transport – so I needed a bag that fingers can’t get into without me knowing.
2. I don’t really love wearing “bont” colours as I love my black with a passion but I wanted a bag that stands out. I love that the shweshwe just pops so amazingly

The anti-theft backpack fits a 15″ MacBook Pro, or any other laptop of the same size or smaller.

At the moment I am not doing many markets, so the easiest way to buy from me is to contact me via social media to order

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