Making real the stories of our people regardless of production size and critical acclaim is always a dream come true for me.

My late brother influenced me through playing a lot of rap music in the early nineties. I formed my first rap group in ’96 in high school and changed my name to Jitsvinger in 2000 after deciding to rap in vernacular Afrikaans (which I call Afrikaaps).

The most important opinion you can rely on is the opinion you have of yourself.

Grasshoppers? It’s comfortable, simplistic and elegant. I had my first pair when I went to high school.

Listening to and working with different artists, musicians, writers and producers helped me develop my technique when approaching music.

Who is Jitsvinger?
  • Social Commentator
  • Cultural Enthusiast
  • Word-Architect
  • Rapper
  • Composer
  • Songwriter

Art is the mirror that reflects society to itself therefore artists carry the load of being that uncensored voice that attacks all our notions of safety, health, comforts and assumptions. The artist has to make her/his society question everything!

The Pulse of Cape Town Art

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