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On February 27, 2022, one of South Africa’s most profound rappers – Terror MC – is releasing his fourth album. The title of the album is KINGDOM COME and will be made public at his honorary event called ‘Is Jy Ready’ where he celebrates 25 years of being in the music industry.



Terror MC says KINGDOM COME as an album is in a league of its own. The nine-track album will soon be available on all digital platforms.

The ‘Is Jy Ready’ launch is taking place at Downtime Lounge (49 Socony Road, Elsies River Industrial). You can expect a stellar event lineup, including DJs such as RealROZZANO and Tekneek, as well as artists, C.R.E.A.M Machine, Rosey The Rapper, K-Nine Die Hond, etc.


Born in Kraaifontein, Cape Town in South Africa. The birth of Terror MC in 1985 was during a period of political turmoil. Before he found his calling as a ‘machine gun motor mouth’, Terror MC had to face various challenges first.
He experienced death and rebirth after a tragic accident that left him with severe swelling in his cranial area and an imbalance on the left-hand side of his body. Following the accident, Terror MC frequented juvenile detention centers and had a brief stint in Pollsmoor Prison. Fortunately, he was found innocent of all charges. This was all before the age of 17. Terror MC’s hunger for knowledge, a keen sense for reading people and executing them with a sharp tongue, as well as a burning passion for Hip-Hop was his survival kit.


By 2004, Terror MC regained his alter ego, thanks to a classic track called ‘Kaapse Vlakte’, and continues to climb up the food chain.
With just a backpack and a few instrumental beats from the producer, HIPE, Terror MC threw himself into the deep end of the music industry. He made sure that he was seen on every stage in every club and his music was consistently heard on every campus radio stations (including one in Canada) and community radio stations. From collaborating with an Angolan DJ and producer, DJ Cavera, to playing an important role in elevating the ‘rymklets’ phenomenon with an Afrikaans supergroup called RAPBELS, to landing a spot on UK Producer, D Planet’s mixtape featuring heavy hitters like Ben Sharpa, Driemanskap and more,
Terror MC also found himself featured in South Africa’s top Hip Hop magazine, HYPE, and so many more rising opportunities.


  • Rapbels EP: Die Formule feat. Cream, Phoenix, Eddie Scabz, Bitter (2005)
  • Terrorvision Mixtape feat. DJ Cavera Aevenger Camp (2006)
  • Planetary Assault Mixtape feat. Pioneer Unit (2007)
  • Street Life Debut Album Aevenger Camp (2008)
  • Met ‘n Wet en ‘n Waarheid Mixtape feat. Cap Col Entertainment (2009)
  • Worldwide Rap Compilation Album by LMNZ Producer from Germany (2010)
  • The Bio Second Album Independent (2014)
  • Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real (2019)


📱 +2772 824 5129
🖥 TerrorMC

ClassicTeens arts Competition

16 June 2021 | Portlands Indoor Sports Centre | 11AM – 4PM
Categories: Sing and Dance

Shamieg George | Kyle Stuurman | Carmenthia Abrahams | Nick Floorkiller

Classicman Sound & DJ at your event | Bluetooth Speaker Boxes, Headphones | Vouchers | Certificates

Entry (at door)
Participants: R50
Supporters: R25


For more information you can contact Colleen
+27 71 6880087

This event complies with the Covid-19 Regulations.
No Mask. No Entry

Youth Day

Ill Major Movement and Planet Hardcore presents a Youth Day 2021 event with some of the dopest hip hop artists in SA.

June 16 2021 | 11 AM – 5PM | Blackheath

Niko10Long | MissUnderstood | Diva T
Dokter-X Krazy | Jakis Obama | Juic3
Curtis Lee | Shady-Boy | Siep
DJ Blk Mantis | DJ Teknishian

Please note that this event is taking place in a public space and Covid-19 Regulations need to be adhered to.


Memory is a weapon

Metronome Productions presents:
Memory is a Weapon

A hip hop theatre play. Soon to be showcased for the very first time at Artscape Arena Theatre.

You can book your tickets for Memory is a Weapon at any Computicket outlet or simply click on the link below.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Memory is a Weapon

Novocaine the band live at urban oasis

Join Novocaine TheBand for an afternoon of good food, drinks, and LIVE music with yours truly in the Heart of the East City. 

Saturday, 19 June 2021 | 17:00 – 20:00 | FREE Entry

Food vendors include (Halal):
RACK ‘n GRILL FOOD TRUCK (Burgers and Pizza)
Cairoschwarma (Schwarma & Gatsby)
The Thai Hut Co. CBD – Cape Town (Thai & Sushi)
Flaming Rooster (All Things Chicken)
Papa’s Fish and Chips
Fresh @ Urban (Salads and Sandwiches)
IceDream Desserts
Urban Coffee (Powered by Kamili Coffee)

Students get 10% off on everything when presenting a valid student card. T’s and C’s apply. Limited space is available. 24-hour security to look after parked cars.

COVID-19 protocols will be observed at all times.

Arsenic Beats Music Library

This music library is available to all content creators and film makers who use music in their video content / films.

The purpose of this library is to provide content creators with
boom bap | lo-fi | loungey style hip-hop to use as part of their content.
The library contains a variety of options for users to choose from. All beats are available to the user under a non-exclusive royalty free license.

All beats produced by Arsenic Beats.

Oorlog Verf

Ill Major Announces the New Album, Oorlog Verf from Ralph Cyfers.

Ill Major is thrilled to announce the release of the latest album from Ralph Cyfers. Oorlog Verf is available at the Ill Major website (links below)

Oorlog Verf is an Afrikaans, “True School” Boom Bap Hip Hop album with no lack of lyricism and word play. The artistry of playing with words and
remaining in context is depicted throughout and will be well received by true hip hop heads. The translation for Oorlog Verf in English is War

Highlights include the new single Bree Bors, alongside Ridikuliz & Hond Beer (FEAT Niko10Long & AmpeMens)

Oorlog Verf Tracklist

Ralph Cyfers is a true student of the art and is known for his innovative rhyme schemes.

“Hip Hop became soft, and I came up when hip hop was
still frowned upon. Being an outcast in my society I found sanction in Hip Hop. These days’ there’s a lot of MC’s, DJ’s, BBoys and Graf artist, but
no hip hop heads, similar to entering something in reverse, this results in a lot of artists with no real foundation and understanding of the culture as a whole” Ralph Cyfers.
The 2 released singles was very well received by Grass Roots Hip Hop Platforms and Dj’s.The singles can be downloaded at the below links.

Ralph Cyfers

The 2 released singles was very well received by Grass Roots Hip Hop Platforms and Dj’s.The singles can be downloaded at the below links.

Jimi Priceless – VIS Major

Jimi Priceless has been relentless in releasing new music in 2020, he keeps the ball rolling with a new project titled “Vis Major”. Putting a pause on the auto-tune and melodic production, Jimi goes back to basics and delivers raw raps over just as raw sounding beats.

Album Artowrk

Forgoing any song structure, Jimi sticks to rapping venomous verses. The production is also different from any of his other releases, as he went with chopping up samples from songs from different genres as the foundation for the beats he raps over.

Album Tracklist

For all his fans that enjoy the rap side of his music, and for any fans of rap in general, this is a must listen. The project will be released Friday the 20th of November for free download and streaming on select platforms only.

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