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Is jy ready – Terror MC

Op September 20 2021 het Terror MC ons almal geskok toe hy laat weet dat hy gediagnoseer is met Hodgins Lymphoma.

Met die nuus, het hy ook besluit om nie langer te wag om sy nuwe musiek vry te stel nie en “Is jy ready”, was Maandag vrygestel. Dis mos immers hoe elke week moet begin.

Ja, julle het reg gelees, Terror MC, een van die mees hard werkende MC’s in die land, is trug met dai Boombap waarvoor hy bekend is.
Ek wil eintlik net ‘n voicenote record en skree, “The Real is Back”, dan als net daar los en die track speel.

Nadat ek die track ‘n paar keer geluister het kan ek glad nie help om vir myself te sing, “Is jy wakker? Kykie bru, is jy wakker.” Al het ek al lankal die track gestop.

Die beat is gemaak deur Terror MC en is tuff soes original Wilson bloks. Ja, die man is soos ‘n one-stop restaurant. Hy kry ingredients, kook it en as hy sien dis reg dan is hy sommer die waiter wat die community serve met Dai Hip-Hop. See what I did there?

Die flow is dai classic Terror MC style wat ek like want dit remind my dat “real” rap nog nie by stage left ge-exit het nie. Terror MC los jou as luisteraar ook met questions, maar hy deel valuable info veral vir die jeug. Jy kan duidelik hoor die is nie lerieke wat net stories is nie, die is experience en advice. “Is jy ready vir die force wat jou gaan awaken?”

Is jy ready?

Ek onthou Terror het altyd gepraat van edutainment, want dit baat mos nie jy maak klomp musiek wat niks sê nie. Jou rol as ‘n MC of artist is nie net om mense te entertain nie. So nou en dan moet jy darem kan educate ook, en dis waar Terror MC in ‘n league van sy eie is.

So, my view van Terror MC? Ek sal vir Blaklez moet quote.
“I’m real dope, you’re just an addiction to painkillers”

Jimi Priceless

Growing up in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, even being an introverted child, he knew he wanted to be a “Somebody”. That “Somebody” turned out to be himself, recreated by his own proverbial hands as Jimi Priceless.

Jimi Priceless has been making music since 2011 and over the years has experimented with different styles of music and continues to do so while becoming more secure in his artistry. Initially focusing on mainly rapping, throughout the years he delved into the melodic side of things while enlisting auto-tune to do the work his vocal cords can’t.

Still not having lost his introversion, he has also taken on the moniker of ‘The Brown Recluse’. Which makes sense because brown recluse spiders are found on webs, and it is very likely that the only place you’ll cross paths with Jimi Priceless is on the web (the worldwide one). He has embraced this and has even titled his podcast “The Brown Recluse” and has earned a reputation of releasing music consistently, so coming across him on the web is a likely occurrence.

With the intention of building a cult following, it is only right for Jimi Priceless to have an affinity for those who are fans and support his grind. He has christened his fan base as “JPCMV” (Jimi Priceless Cultus Modus Vivendi). The next step for him is to grow this following and to continue reaching higher levels of artistry and impact.

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Arsenic Beats is back!

Arsenic Beats returns with his first release for 2020, following the drop of 3 singles from the project which was released between October and December of 2019.

This time the producer releases a full length instrumental E.P titled “Ataraxia”.

The idea to release an instrumental album has always been something that Arsenic wanted to do but has never materialised until now.

The title “Ataraxia” means to be in “a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquility”.

The music on the E.P perfectly captures the essence of the title with each song evoking a sense of serenity when listening to them.

In today’s day and age, the need to escape the noise becomes necessary, especially when considering how we have become bombarded by various forms of media, advertising and the on-going violence and injustice that plagues the country and our world right now.

Playing the E.P from start to finish is giving yourself permission to be alone with your thoughts for a few minutes, unwind and find your “…state of freedom” from all the distractions, even if it is only for a short while.

“Ataraxia” is available direct from Arsenic Beats’ Bandcamp page and all major online stores and streaming sites.

Download / stream “Ataraxia” at all major online stores and streaming sites, alternatively, you can support Arsenic Beats directly by purchasing the E.P from his Bandcamp page and also receive 1 free bonus song exclusively available to the Bandcamp purchase.


Google Play:

(all links will be fully active on release date)

Arsenic on social media:

Twitter: @Arsenicbeats 

Facebook: @Arsenicbeats83 

Instagram: @arsenicbeats

ID3 Tagging; Why you should do it.

ID3 is a metadata container most often used in conjunction with the MP3 audio file format. It allows information such as the title, artist, album, track number, and other information about the file to be stored in the file itself. 

ID3 is also specified by Apple as a timed metadata in HTTP Live Streaming, carried as a PID in the main transport stream or in separate audio TS. 

There are two unrelated versions of ID3: ID3v1 and ID3v2. ID3v1 takes the form of a 128-byte segment at the end of an MP3 file containing a fixed set of data fields. ID3v1.1 is a slight modification which adds a “track number” field at the expense of a slight shortening of the “comment” field. ID3v2 is structurally very different from ID3v1, consisting of an extensible set of “frames” located at the start of the file, each with a frame identifier (a three- or four-byte string) and one piece of data. 83 types of frames are declared in the ID3v2.4 specification, and applications can also define their own types. There are standard frames for containing cover art, BPM, copyright and license, lyrics, and arbitrary text and URL data, as well as other things. Three versions of ID3v2 have been documented, each of which has extended the frame definitions.

From Wikipedia

Many artists share their music as mp3 files via WhatsApp and other messaging applications. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this as it’s an effective and low cost way to share your music. What happens when you do this is that an application like WhatsApp renames the file even though the ID3 metadata stays unaffected.

So what does this mean to you as an artist?

Well, let say you sent me one of your songs via WhatsApp, the name changes to something like, AUD-20171015-WA0067 and if the song in particular has no ID3 tag then your song gets lost amongst all the other files that were sent to me via WhatsApp and when it is played in the media player it will show the name as updated by WhatsApp instead of the actual song information.

Songs that are tagged, however, will still show the actual song information in the device’s music player. The file may have been renamed and show the AUD name in the file folders, but you can actually see what you’re listening to so if I feel like listening to the song you sent me I don’t have to spend 10 minutes liking for it going through the file system or go to our chat and scroll up to the song.

We all like to see people sharing the screenshots of them listening to our songs, and we’d like those screenshots to look more like the one on the left instead of the one on the right (below).


I encourage all artists to start tagging their music. It is in inexpensive, quick way of ensuring that your data is saved with your songs. Note, this also works well for producers when sharing beats or other music files.

There are numerous applications that can be used for this. The one I use is MusicMatch Jukebox, since it is also a media player I keep it around.

Here is a list of ID3 tagging applications that are cheap/free as compiled by lifehacker:

  1. Foobar2000 (Windows)
  2. MusicBrainz Picard (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  3. MediaMonkey (Windows)
  4. TuneUp (Windows/Mac)
  5. ID3-TagIT (Windows)
  6. Foobar2000 (Windows)