YoungstaCPT – Kleurling

“I wrote Kleurling in 2018 as I felt as though an authentic coloured narrative hadn’t been properly decoded yet…I had done songs like SALUTAS and Wes-Kaap which detailed the lifestyle but as far as the coloured condition and what it was like to be coloured and have our thoughts and anger and knowing where it stems from through years of systemic oppression, I had never tapped into that before. I didn’t want to make it too serious so I also gave it a new school bounce and some current appeal. I made sure I added a serious undertone to always have the main message stand out.

Coloured people have an individual history as indigenous people of South Africa. They were named ‘Coloured’ and stripped of their tribal titles. What was given to us as a means of shame we now wear as a badge of pride and honour and even though it is something we should not perpetuate to the next generation, those who were affected by it shouldn’t be embarrassed but be proud as we are the ones who now survived that storm.

Kleurling was shot at the District Six museum when I heard it was in Danger of closing due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The areas that I went to film in were Westbury in Johannesburg and Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town just to show the similarities in our environments even though we are separated. The oppression among people of colour exists everywhere in the world where they’re found but this video just explains some of the divisions but how similar they are regardless of location, South Africa has labeled coloured people as the bastard children of the nation and in some cases it maybe true but that doesn’t makes us inferior! And it’s my duty to convey that message as God wills it…” YoungstaCPT


Oorlog Verf

Ill Major Announces the New Album, Oorlog Verf from Ralph Cyfers.

Ill Major is thrilled to announce the release of the latest album from Ralph Cyfers. Oorlog Verf is available at the Ill Major website (links below)

Oorlog Verf is an Afrikaans, “True School” Boom Bap Hip Hop album with no lack of lyricism and word play. The artistry of playing with words and
remaining in context is depicted throughout and will be well received by true hip hop heads. The translation for Oorlog Verf in English is War

Highlights include the new single Bree Bors, alongside Ridikuliz & Hond Beer (FEAT Niko10Long & AmpeMens)

Oorlog Verf Tracklist

Ralph Cyfers is a true student of the art and is known for his innovative rhyme schemes.

“Hip Hop became soft, and I came up when hip hop was
still frowned upon. Being an outcast in my society I found sanction in Hip Hop. These days’ there’s a lot of MC’s, DJ’s, BBoys and Graf artist, but
no hip hop heads, similar to entering something in reverse, this results in a lot of artists with no real foundation and understanding of the culture as a whole” Ralph Cyfers.
The 2 released singles was very well received by Grass Roots Hip Hop Platforms and Dj’s.The singles can be downloaded at the below links.

Ralph Cyfers

The 2 released singles was very well received by Grass Roots Hip Hop Platforms and Dj’s.The singles can be downloaded at the below links.


I am told I am not Coloured

That I have adopted the race of my oppressor

That by doing this

I am oppressing myself

I am told that I have no culture

That my language is oppressive

That I don’t belong

But this is all I know

This is who I am

Who I have identified as


Being Coloured,

Is who I am,

Who I have always been

And I am proud to be Coloured

I am proud of the fact that my identity does not oppress me

That I have been able to reshape and re-imagine what it means to be Coloured

I am proud of who I am

I am proud of what language I speak in

And what accent I choose to speak in

I am Coloured

This is all I know how to be

This is who I am proud to be

Colour Me Coloured.

Charissa Cassels


Niks beweeg nie, my hart hardloop asof dit wil weghardloop.

Trane begin te vloei en ek begin glimlag. Ek is dankbaar!

Ek haal asem as of dit die laaste keer is! In ‘n wêreld waar mens aan soeveel dinge moet dink voor jy by jou huis kan uit stap… is ek net dankbaar vir klein dinge. 

Asem , ń glimlag en nog ń kans om op te staan in die oggend. 

Die Here ken my hart en hoor my gebede. 

My glimlag is ń simbool van hoe dankbaar ek is. 

My geloof word nie in die donker tye verswak nie, maar versterk met die wete dat dit ń seisoen is en my glimlag weer sal terugkeer.

My glimlag is ń simbool van hoe dankbaar ek is.

Candace Conradie

The Pulse of Cape Town Art