Shanaaz Abrahams; Uncovered

Who is Shanaaz Abrahams?
There are so many different layers. I am a mother, wife, daughter, singer, employee, chef and dancer. Extrovert/introvert at times. There are times I love being around loads of people and other times I like being alone with my own thoughts and my music. Although being on stage is where I feel at home.

What/who got you into music?
I think music is in your blood, you’re born with that rhythm. I always remember music being a part of my life, since I was a kid. My mom, brothers, uncles, aunts all love music and also play & sing in bands so it’s in our genes and it’s something that you latch on to from a very young age.

Tell us more about your typical day?
Shoo, I snooze my alarm for like 4 times before I wake up. Get ready, drive to work, it’s like a 40 minute drive, but I don’t mind because I get to sing in the car. Then it’s work, work, work, work, work. Drive home (again car rehearsal). Get home, help my son with homework, go for a jog, make supper, shower, short rehearsal, watch Moana with my 2 year old… AGAIN! Then its bedtime, what a day!

How would you describe your sound?
I would say it’s a little bit of everything. A little bit of pop, House, RnB, Reggae and Jazz. I do not like to limit myself to a certain genre. I won’t even mind doing a bit of hip hop & classical either. I believe that an artist needs to be versatile.

Tell us about the best part of your work
I love the spotlight, I really do. I love having all eyes focused on me and all ears listening. I love performing because that gives you the opportunity to get your message across without being interrupted. Kind of like a super power of sorts.

Where do you see yourself work in the next 3 years?
I would definitely like to do more originals & collaborations. I want my tracks to get airplay on radio stations and a music video or two on Trace.

What is your favourite childhood memory?
Well, for me I remember when I was about 7 years old. There used to be this guy and he would have like little shows in front of the corner shop. He would play music and the kids would dance and sing and he would even give away little prizes. I remember I went up once and I was singing Whitney Houston’s, I will always love you. It was amazing! That was my first taste of performing!

How can artists use music to influence positive change within the community?
I think by being a positive role model to kids and conveying positive messages will definitely influence the community in a positive way. Kids imitate all these artists they hear on radio and see on television. So it’s up to us to make sure that what they look up to is something good. Something that will give them hope and that will boost their self-esteem. To show them that life isn’t all about being a thug. God, Family, education, self-respect, making the most of your situation and thriving to be the best you that you can be, these are the things that matter and doing what you love no matter what your friends think.

Who is your inspiration/role model?
Well my family especially my mom inspires me because I always want to make them proud. Musically I have lots of role models. I love the old school guys, like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley those guys. They made the classics, timeless music that never goes out of style, “lucky for you that’s what I like!” and of course I love me some Bruno and of course I love my local artists because us artists need to support one another!

Do you think that it is easy for new artists to get their music on radio?
It’s not easy, but never, ever give up. If music is what you love then make music and don’t conform to other people’s standards. Have your own sound and relay your own message, you are unique and that’s what makes you stand out from the crowd. So keep submitting your music, 1 day a door will open.

What is your least favourite thing about the music scene lately?
I don’t like the way artists put one another down. We are all out here hustling and trying to make it to the top. We need to help each other and give constructive criticism. Some artists become very arrogant and forget where they started. No matter how far you get you must always remember to stay humble.

When you’re not working on music, what else keeps you busy?
Family, home & work.

What was the last gift you received?
A pair of Nikes

If you could work with any artist/producer, who would it be?
Artist would have to be my favourite, Bruno Mars just because he is soooooo amazing and my favourite artist and such a phenomenal artist! Producer, would be Sketchy Bongo because I love his sound and at the moment everything he touches turns to gold.

Are you a night owl or morning person?
I ain’t no morning person. Definitely a night owl. Like I always say, I come alive at night. In a perfect world I would sleep all day and perform at night! Sighhhh!

Which is the one song you would like to shoot a video for and why?
I would like to shoot a video for my latest collaboration called “Awesome” with DJ Masaladi and Ricardo Dyson. Simply because it’s just so awesome. I love the positive message it puts out there and it’s definitely something our youth needs right now, some positivity!

What would we find in your fridge right now?
Let’s see, canola eggs, butter, juice, fruit & veg, food, pineapple yoghurt (my fav) & definitely mushrooms (love it!) milk, cheese, polony, medicine (we’re crazy, need our meds lol), Steri-Stumpi and Coke zero.

How do you prepare for a performance?
Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse. I also jog to keep fit and to increase my stamina.

What has been your highlight in 2016?
Working with my good friend Ricardo Dyson and DJ Masaladi recording our latest track.  Also being in studio with Moeneeb Galant, he’s a genius! I was quiet for a while and this is just what I needed to get me back into the swing of things and I feel that this is the big one!

What is your most embarrassing moment?
Well what I usually find embarrassing, more funny really is when people wave to someone behind me and I’m like hi!! Only to realise the wave was not for me but hey, smile & wave! LOL

What advice would you give to a new artist that’s hoping to make it out there?
Just do you and do what you love. Try to get out there and perform wherever you can, no matter how small the gig. If your first track doesn’t get any airplay go back to the drawing board and try again. This industry is not for the feint hearted and usually fame doesn’t come overnight, be prepared to work your butt off. If you want it bad enough, it will happen.

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Twitter: @naazchic | Instagram: Shanaaz_x_Abrahams

Facebook: Shanaaz Abrahams | Soundcloud: Shanaaz Abrahams

Getting to know Mr. K

Who is Mr K?
Who am I? Good question, lol. I am a dad, husband, business owner, public servant, DJ, I am Mr K and-never-give-up! Raised on the Cape Flats, in the oh so scary place called Hanover Park. I Love the neighbourhood, really, people gain respect for their so called “fearlessness and rank” but me, I can truthfully and with pride say, I am no gangster, but I greet and know most of them. I don’t live in Hanover Park anymore, but I still visit there regularly, I have friends and family and to me it’s still very much home. Good people live there, many good people.

What/Who got you into DJing?
I love music, as a kid I used to sit and record music from the radio, stealing my ouma’s old cassette tapes, and recording over her gospel music. When I was young, there was no such things as USB’s, Mp3’s, so cassettes were the mode of getting and exchanging music. My dad had loads of vinyls and my grandparents would never allow us to use the turntable player. My brother and I decided to learn to DJ, he went the formal way, attending DJ school, while I just messed around. I decided to approach a friend, DJ Madfingaz, he taught me the basics. I loved Hard-House, but fell in-love with Deep-House & Tech-House. I still listen to some very dope old skool Hard-House and Trance. My influences don’t really stem from the Deep-House fraternity, but more from people like Carl Cox, Scott Project, Dark by Design, Gaz West, Kutski, Cosmic Gate… Quite hard in terms of genre.

Besides DJing, what else do you do??
My actual full time job is being a public servant, yes, I work in government for the last 13 years. I also own a small events company, which offers services like Sound & Lighting, photography, videography, MC’s, DJ’s, Magic, basically any art requirements for your event. Further to that, my events company also offer graphic design for the event, like invitations, newsletters, flyers, posters, logos etc. So I have two lives, one during the day trying to change the world through providing a service to the SA community, and parallel to that, providing a private service as AK Concepts.

Tell us more about your typical day.
I just recently got married, it’s still very fresh, and the routine too, is quite fresh. My wife, runs a trucking company, my son is in grade 2, and our morning starts with us all trying to get done, and me being the stress bug! When we’re finally in the car, the two of them generally fall victim to me forcing deep house music on them throughout the drive. My son loves hip-hop and so does my wife, so, naturally when they get the chance to play music. Once at work, I will check my emails, take calls, arrange meetings, and plan various events. It’s a real juggling exercise. My wife helps me a lot with the business side of things. If I have a spare moment after work, I practice my DJing or just check online for new tracks.

What do you do when you’re not doing what you regularly do?
I am a mad Liverpool FC supporter, and I make every effort never to miss any game. But beyond that, you will see me with a laptop checking out dope new underground Deep house tracks.

Tell us about AK Concepts.
Founded in 2013, by myself, having spent a great deal managing events in government, as well as being a DJ, I had development and managed quite a few events to promote myself as a DJ brand. AK Concepts, was registered and I started all the ground work in terms of small events, creating networks, finally being able to take on clients to provide an array of events and management services too. We consist of an experienced team, DJ’s, Photographer, videographer, Graphic Designer, Decor and Flowers, Catering as well. We are in our 4th year and are still humbled by our existence. We pride ourselves in providing a top quality service and product at an affordable price. We specialise in weddings, concerts, brand activation, meetings and conferencing, but are able to adapt to your requirements.

What is your role in AK Concepts?
I am the owner, but also the guy which hustles out in the field to attract more clients. Feel free to mail us at

Tell us about the best part of your work.
The chance to meet so many people. I think the ability to give people an opportunity as well. I try and use young people that need to gain experience where I can, be it as a photographer, administrator, DJ, marketing. This is very rewarding. As AK Concepts, the best feeling is seeing an event become a reality and seeing the client, but also his clients/customers happy. As a DJ, I would say, seeing people dance to your music, until you’re more exhausted then them, that tells me I did a good job.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
I guess my desire is to be a successful business man, and this could really be many avenues I have dipped my hands into. But I would still like to give back to the place where my roots originate. This will happen, I’m certain. I also want to focus on producing music, 3 years, lets agree I would have least produced one very good track. Everything takes time, patience and perseverance. Oh, let me not forget, I also want to be a dad to a another son, or daughter, don’t matter.

Who is your inspiration/Role Model?
My inspiration is Walter Sisulu, from a holistic point of view. Determined in character, yet, strategic in nature, a real leader. Someone who can influence many to follow in a particular Idea I have, to change lives, society, be it through music, dance, politics, special events, or just a mere acknowledgment in discussion.

Views around the Cape Town music scene?
It’s pretty good, but still needs much needed mind shifts. We have an abundance of talent, but artists require support through brand management, financial management, financial assistance. It’s not easy being a full time artist, so as a musician, it’s important to follow your passion, but try and evolve as much skills within that industry.

PlayStation or Xbox?

What other names do you go by?
Mr K and Mr Kearns

What music are you listening to now?
Riders on the Storm – (The Deep Storm House Remix feat, Dura)

Which politician would you feature at one of your events?
If he was alive, Walter Sisulu

Any upcoming projects we should be looking out for?
Recently started an event called “This is Real Deep Sundays” which happens every second Sunday at a placed called, Gonzo’s Pool Lounge. The vibe is chilled, free entry, amazing pizza, cocktails (be very careful the barmen have heavy hands and pour heavy too!), nice lounge feel with ample parking space and…well amazing deephouse Music from home-grown CPT DJ’s, including myself. Currently busy assisting someone with a project to help an organisation called BEIT-UN-NUR SOCIETY for the DESTITUTE which is located in Schaapkraal. The event happens on the 21st May 2017, where we invite all to bring items like Shoes, toys, toiletries, tinned foods, even sign up to volunteer. The event is hosted by RS Customs in partnership with AK Concepts and starts at 11am. We would like to encourage all bike clubs, car clubs, sport clubs, civil society, communities to come through on this day and help make a difference.

What is your favourite childhood memory?
I’d have to say getting my very first computer, or wait, my baby brother getting us a computer. We played music every single day, we copied music, shared and swopped music, built our own sound…
I think we both just loved music and pumping it as loud we could.

Most embarrassing moment?
There have been many… Most of them involving me being a bit intoxicated. So let me then just say, falling off the stage at a pizza joint just round the corner from where I live. #ShackThings

What else can we expect from Mr K?
To continue to hustle. DJ as much as I can. hopefully making a name for myself, keeping myself to the ground and working my ass off, but believe me, I never just give up.

What is your favourite event to work on and why?
I love weddings, because I get to just express love through music. It’s a special moment for the couple, and I try and bring that emotions across through my song selection. I like using intelligent lighting to create that air of romance and love. I love playing at a little place in Long street, Cape Town, it’s called Julep Cocktail Bar. The deep house we play there is nothing like what’s being played mainstream. It’s actually a place I call home, I play there regularly, and have hosted many events over there the last 2 years. I’ve even been a resident DJ for the festive period.

Any advice for young DJ’s coming up?
Be different, I’m not saying don’t listen to mainstream, or don’t follow the now, but, understand what makes you jump when you listen to it, takes you into another world, makes you smile for no reason, when you hear that snare, baseline, key etc.… Find it, mold it, brand it, be it. You’re going to be turned away by many, people will say you can’t do it bra, keep working at it. most important, feel confident in what you play.

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Twitter: @AK_Concepts | Instagram: @adrian_mr_kearns
Facebook: Adrian Kearns
WhatsApp: +27769580754


Carmelita Daniels; An Inner View

Who is Carmelita Daniels?
She is a woman that goes by many titles, but to narrow it down, Mom First, Singer, Songwriter, Events Planner etc.

What/Who got you into music?
My Mother, the music seed was planted at a very young age

Besides music, what else do you write?
A lot of things, but apparently the most direct FaceBook status’, I can have no filter with those sometimes.

Tell us more about your typical day.
Well, I have a day job, so it’s a busy one.

What do you do when you’re not doing what you regularly do?
I am spending time with my kids.

Tell us about Rocking 4 Cancer.
It is a show held annually, to raise funds for certain beneficiaries. All proceeds made from the shows gets donated to the various organizations. And we honestly could use some sponsorship, so if you see this please feel free to mail us at

What is your role in Rocking 4 Cancer?
I am one of the ladies behind the initiative. The show was started by my best friend Casey Lee and myself via a WhatsApp conversation. I am part of the planning team and also one of the performing artists.

Tell us about the best part of your work.
Getting to express my creativity.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
To be honest, I really can’t say, BUT….. let’s hope I’d have been to Jamaica by then LOL.

Who is your inspiration/Role Model?
Will always be my Momma Bear

Your views around Cape Town music scene?
This question I actually wanted to erase, but you would notice so well. Cape Town, has thee most talented muso’s we know this, BUT they need to realise that, regardless of how good you are, how may stages you have performed on, who you have headlined for… There is always someone ready to replace you and being humble is one thing quite a few of these new artist lack. Also, we need to create more platforms for Cape Town artists to get there music heard, YES Good Hope FM, KFM and HEART 104.9. I am talking about them. Pay to play must Fall

Night owl or morning person?
I think I’m a split of both, I’m a cranky night person when I can’t sleep, and I’m a cranky morning person when I am up before the alarm. Like the world don’t need to see that person “in person”.

What other names do you go by?

What would we find in your fridge?
People be looking at this thinking Imma say wine, but that don’t make it to the fridge, so food. Hahahahaha

What is your favourite meal?
Food is my favourite meal

Any upcoming projects we should be looking out for?
Yes, MOST IMPORTANTLY, My Debut single. In the next month, check out my social media pages.
2ndly, 12 May we are at Club West End for the Open Mic Session.
20th May I will be at the Beacon Valley Old Age home between 12-3pm.

What is your favourite childhood memory?
Any one that doesn’t involve getting a hiding, Kidding, has to be my family get together’s and all of us just singing. Loved those times.

Most embarrassing moment?
Damn, falling off stage. And no I am not going to elaborate.

What else can we expect from Carmelita Daniels?
For now, more music, but my other talents will push through pretty soon… Keep your feelers to my pages.

Who was your favourite muzo to work with and why?
I don’t have one fave, because everyone I have worked with either good or bad has taught me something and I am grateful for the lessons, good and bad as it shapes and molds me, and inspires me too do sooooooo much better.
BUT I would really love to do something with a certain artist I saw on the plane 2 weeks ago, but got star struck and couldn’t say hi…

If this is our last conversation, what word of advice would you give me?
Live your life the way you want it, and let nobody stop you from doing what you feel is best for you.

SoundCloud: Carmelita Daniels

Twitter: @Carmy121 | Instagram: @carmy_rocking4cancer
Facebook: Carmelita Daniels Official
Snapchat: I am still tryna figure this thing out, pretty filters though


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Earl Mentor; The Mentor

Who is Earl Mentor?
Earl Mentor is a trailblazer, community activist, performing and recording artist, poet, author, graphic designer, aspiring photographer and personal transformational life coach.

What got you into hip-hop?
The death of a friend due to our involvement in gangsterism and drugs.

Tell us more about your typical day.
Life-long learner. Always strive to be better than I was yesterday.

What do you do when you’re not doing what you regularly do?
Learn and write about real life issues affecting our high risk communities today.

Tell us about Fruitnation.
Fruitnation is a WOMEN AND CHILDREN EMPOWERMENT PROJECT that uses ART, MUSIC and SOCIAL MESSAGES to bring about positive change.

What is your role in Fruitnation?

Tell us about the best part of your work.
Seeing lives transform from nothing to something. Allowing our most vulnerable realise their worth and value as a people faced with immense personal trauma.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Who is your inspiration/Role Model?

Views around Cape Town hip-hop, underground/commercial?
NO INDUSTRY IN CPT. NEED TO REALISE OUR POTENTIAL TO BE THE BEST IN THIS INDUSTRY. UNITY still need to be tightened up amongst certain heads.

Which politician would you feature?

Night owl or morning person?
BOTH – Sleep is the cause of my death.

Last gift you gave someone?

What would we find in your fridge?

Which word do you use the most?

What is your least favourite thing about the music scene lately?

Most embarrassing moment?

What can we expect from Earl Mentor?

If it’s our last conversation, what word of advice would you give me?

WEBSITE: FruitNation

Facebook: Earl Mentor
Instagram: @mentorearl
Twitter: @EarlMentor


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Sange M: This is Sange

Who is Sange M?
Sange is a name given by in-laws which simply means ‘hug us or take care of us’, and M is my Surname ‘Mxunyelwa’. Sange’s original name is Neliswa Sampi but the name Sange M sounded nice and short; easy to be said by anyone and it has a meaning relevant to Sange’s line of work, hence it was chosen for the stage name. Sange M is an artist (singer, actress, drummer, composer, choreographer), but what she is known mostly for is being a musician. She also wears some caps of being a mother, wife, sister, student, worshiper, the list is endless.

Who/What got you into music?
Like most of the artists would testify that, they have started singing at a very young age and at church. That applies to me too, I started singing at church in the community choir at the age of 6. My family would sing everyday whenever and whenever. So I grew up in a family that loves singing too.

Tell us about your typical Day.
My typical day would be waking up in the morning and check if my kids are sorted for going to school, go jogging, bath my little one, eat breakfast, travel to varsity, come back and cook, pray with family, watch TV programs while eating supper, study then go to sleep.

What do you do when you are not working on music?
When I am not busy with music, I study because I am student at UCT doing Honours in Education. I also like to observe and help those who are in need of help. I do this by organising awareness campaigns and by getting together with other artists to just go to charities and just be useful there.

What is the best part of your work?
The best part of my work is seeing my audience being touched by what I say or by one of my songs. I like making a positive change in people’s lives, so I become happy when I see that happens.

How/where do you see yourself/your work in the next 3 years?
In the next three years I see myself lecturing in one of the big university or being very busy traveling around the world performing.

Which word do you use the most?

What is your favourite childhood memory?
When my dad would come from work and I am sure that he has brought something. He never got home empty handed

Do you think that social media is adding or subtracting from the youth?
I think both, depends on how one looks at it.

Who is your inspiration/role model?
My mother is my role model/inspiration.

If you could throw a parade of any caliber through the President’s office, what type of parade would it be?
Corruption must fall parade.

What is your least favourite thing about the music scene lately?
The fact that the South African music is being considered as first priority for airplay, though I am not that happy as yet.

Do you prefer a pen and notepad or a tablet/laptop for writing?
A pen and note pad.

What was the last gift you gave someone?
A purse.

Are you a night owl or a morning person?
A night owl.

What would we find in your fridge right now?
Eggs, burger, chicken feet, fish, juice, water, chicken, chicken necks.

What can we expect from Sange M?
An all-round artist who is not scared to take risks. I don’t limit myself and I don’t remember saying ‘I cannot’. That is why I don’t even like labeling my music because I write what is I feel or what is needed at a time for anyone; be it a child, adult, teenager, youth, country, church, culture, politics etc. I go where others won’t want to go when I am needed. So you can expect very versatile and adventures artist from Sange M

Shisa Nyama or Pub?
Definitely Shisanyama.

What is your most embarrassing moment?
When I refused to listen to some guy, only to find out he wanted to help me with something that was going to embarrass me to many people who were sitting next to me. I thought he wanted to flirt with me…

If this was our last ever conversation, what words of wisdom would you leave me with?
1. Everything happens for a reason.
2. No one is irreplaceable, so respect those around you because that will take you very far.
3. Never say never.
4. Time is very precious respect it.
5. Be professional in everything you do from the onset because first impressions last.

Twitter: @Sange_M
Instagram: @Sange_M
Facebook: Sange Neliswa Mxunyelwa
Facebook Page: Sange M

YouTube: Sange M
Soundcloud: Sange M

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Ricardo Fester; who is he?

Who is Ricardo Fester?
Ricardo Fester is an independent singer/songwriter from Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town.

What/who got you into music?
90’s R&B & a few like-minded individuals from my high school, we formed a Boys 2 Men type of group and also became close friends through our shared love for music.

Tell us more about your typical day.
I have a day job. I work as a floor Supervisor in rooms division for an established Hotel group. I work on a breath-taking Estate with awesome surrounding & a nice view of the majestic Table Mountain. Even the people are nice.

How would you describe your music?
Its R&B infused with whatever I feel like. Although I experiment with different producers & sounds out of which a lot of it comes from digital libraries from different software. I try to keep it plain & simple. I also trust the advice of the producer on board.

Tell us about the best part of your work?
I would say the end result. From the studio side of things. I just love the whole process of after having written a song, taking it to studio, do a rough version of the song, have you’re producer capture it, together decide what to chop & change, see what works and what not. Then doing the final recording having it mixed and mastered and then miraculously a song is borne.

How/where do you see you’re self/you’re work in the next three/five years?
I see myself having a company that helps establish other musicians. Not necessarily a Record label but a company that helps unsigned independent musicians educating them about the business side of music as well as how to sustain.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Having my parents around.

How can artists use music to influence positive change in the community?
By getting involved and supporting other causes. Like for instant me being a foster child. I will gladly help an orphanage (or other organization) by lending my voice if I’m needed for a fundraiser.

Who is your inspiration/role model?
My Foster Dad.

What is your least favorite thing about the music scene lately?
A lot of International (and local) Acts are not for real. I hate the fact that these superstars fly the flag for bling, sex & drugs. Mostly in their music videos brainwashing the young up & coming.

What was the last gift you gave someone?

Are you a night owl or morning person?
I’m a night owl.

What would we find in you fridge right now?
My fridge has no purpose without Ice cream in it.

How do you prepare for a performance?
I do a few warm up exercises & for some reason I’m always nervous the last few minutes before curtain call. So I try to calm myself by thinking happy thoughts about ice cream etc.

What has been you’re highlight in 2016?
Reflecting on who I was, where I’ve been, realizing who am today, taking direction & shaping the me that I wanna be.

What is your most embarrassing moment?
A few years ago I totally humiliated myself by lashing out on my Facebook about my failed relationship. Something for which I received a lot of criticism. I had other moments but this one stays in my head.

If this is our last conversation, what words of wisdom would you leave with me?
Nobody is perfect but we can always try to be better then what we are. Always have an attitude of gratitude. Take consistent daily action towards what you want to achieve in life & remember that happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy.

Social Media:

Twitter: @ricardofestermusic | Instagram @ricardofestermusic |

Facebook: Ricardo Fester

Stream/Download music:

Ricardo Fester

Ricardo Fester

Introducing: Ricardo Dyson

Who is Ricardo Dyson?
People won’t believe it but I am a nerd. As a kid it was church, books, basketball, games and TV. I’m a family guy with a wife, kids and a dog. I live in the Eureka Estate area at the moment after previously residing in Uitsig, Brackenfell and Delft. The Brackenfell move was forced after being held at gunpoint at home in Eureka, but i moved back eventually. I work for a boss in the service and recruitment industry by day and by night and weekends I squeeze in as much musical activity as possible. My main goal musically is to be part of a collaborative movement in Cape Town that’s why I collab as much as possible with various producers, writers, singers, rappers and all types of muzos.

What/who got you into music?
Boyz II Men got me into singing and I was inspired to start writing after hearing “Someone to Love” by Jon B and BabyFace, with Mr. Edmonds being my all time favourite songwriter of course.

Tell us more about your typical day
Work, work and work. Once that’s done it’s the ever constant juggle between family, writing new songs, rehearsing, music hook-ups and watching football. I mainly get gigs or studio time weekends, etc.

How would you describe your music?
Ever-changing. I would describe myself as a traditional RnB artist, so the influence will be there always but I dabble in various genres. It’s a bit of my life’s story through song, sometimes exaggerated a bit like “we party every weekend” – not that much no, and sometimes as real as it gets with a track like “I still believe” or “Dear Judge”.

Tell us about the best part of your work.
My day job – the ability to make a difference

My music – I come alive when I am on the stage, in those moments you get to really see me, because I hide nothing then.

How/where do you see yourself/your work in the next 3 / 5 years?
I’ve felt and seen the progress after my initial indie release in 2013 and now I learning a few tricks on the business of music. I see myself being a better artist firstly however, but want to be a music business pro in 3-5 years. I wanna be able to know all the ins and outs to building my brand, but also be in a position to guide younger musicians. Maybe I’ll have a book out by then 😉

What is your favourite childhood memory?
My family and I mean my entire family. We were so close knit, everyone stayed in the same flat in Uitsig and till this day we are there for each other. Not one specific moment, but just the memory that my family was there for me, that’s it for me.

How can artist use music to influence positive change in the community?
People need someone to inspire them at times. Your neighbour sometimes needs to see you do good to try and follow suit. Music always had that ability to get people to listen other than just speaking to them. If we’re from the same hood and I see you can do it, i might just be inspired to try too. That’s very a very basic and maybe naive approach, but I believe in it nonetheless.

Who is your inspiration/role model?
My Mom. She’s always been and always will be.

If you could throw a parade of any calibre through the President’s office what type of parade would it be?
Depends on the President, but if it’s our current one a “Dance dance revolution” party. A, that guy can jive and B, the name of the game is apt, the revolution is coming.

What is your least favourite thing about the music scene lately?
There’s too much anger. People are too angry at a time where the doors have literally been kicked wide open for local artists to get heard. People bash the mainstream radio, but they don’t create an alternative. People bash an artist doing well instead of trying to compete on their own level. And that’s just it, as much as you love this music thing you have to realise that you are in a competition, if not against someone else then against yourself to become better and better daily.

What kitchen utensil are you?
Knife, definitely a knife. “I glide through steak like” …. :”’)

What was the last gift you gave someone?
A doll, to my cousin that turned 8 last week

Are you a night owl or morning person?
Combo. I don’t need a lot of sleep, but it doesn’t do anything to my mood either. I know.

What would we find in your fridge right now?
Food, juice, Coke.

How do you prepare for a performance?
Rehearse constantly, watch live performance videos, pray.

What has been your highlight in 2016?
Being on stage with RnB Superstar, Verd Eaton. He called me out of the crowd to join him! It was way too dope!

What is your most embarrassing moment?
Ending up outside of a police holding cell for contempt of court. The police dude was great though, he said “Mister you don’t look like you belong here, you can sit here outside the cell” This all because of a court date missed for a medical bill. Was embarrassing cause my wife had to come and pay the fine R200, I had my bank card on me but the court didn’t take card.

If this is our last ever conversation, what words of wisdom would you leave me with?

“Keep pushing on” – wise words from a wise friend of mine


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