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Novocaine The Band

Cape Town based Novocaine The Band is a 8-member group that does cover songs to your old favourite songs to everything that can turn a party to a night to remember. Their love for music is what brought this band together.

This 6-year-old band, met through jamming but you would think they have been rocking stages for a very long time. Originally started with just 4 musicians with family music background playing rock. Their style didn’t really fit into the community as it was different so that is when the style of the band changed and other vocalists came on board. Some came and went as the band was still trying to understand their sound, until they got in contact with a close friend that fitted the band perfectly. Needless to say, the match up was complimentary.

Behind every band name there is always an interesting story to tell, Novocaine The Band is no different. From what initially started as a grunge rock band to loving the Green Day, when they did a cover song by them “Give me Novocaine” the name Novocaine stuck with them forever. Little did they know when they were doing that cover song, this name will be what gets them known in and around Cape Town. With so many bands that are with the same name internationally, you would think they often get confused with other bands but because of their unique sound and interesting take on our favorite songs, this has set them apart from all the other bands. This in its own nature has branded this band the best ‘party band’ in Cape Town.

Having a band that comes from a different music background, we were intrigued to hear that every band member has been doing music for over a decade, if not longer. Apart from the younger members, like Rameez, Faghri and Ishmail, although, based on their musical talents, it would seem as though they’ve been in this game for much longer. Being a cover band, selection of songs serves as an interesting task on them as they get to know the crowd they will be playing for prior their performances thus allowing them to cater to the people they will be playing for. This kind of task allows them to mix their musical background and styles to a performance people will never forget.

One amazing quality that stood out to us, was their sense of humour, treating each other like family, and their mutual respect and understanding for each other. Faaghira Maloon being the only female in the band explained how this band has made her feel safe and protected when they go play in different places. Their sense of humour and the great relationship they have as a band, is what will keep this band growing stronger.

Talking about family, 5 out of 8 in the band are married with kids, but having to juggle families and the band came with so much understanding. This came with having the same vision as a band to know that there will be family emergencies but they work together as team to still pull the best performances. This is really a family band.

In November 2017 they did The Anthems of the Ages that introduced them as a band to the people of Cape Town. It has been met with a surprising success and they feed off that positive response from the audience. Since this, they have added their own bits and pieces to covers, which some of their keenest followers have become familiar with. The main thing that the audience appreciates from them as band is the energy they emanate on stage and the versatility they display in terms of musical genres. Their amazing skill to be able whip out a Mariah Carey ballad and get everyone emotional and then the next instance they have Zaid rocking out a reggae tune and having people on their feet in no time. It’s quite a pleasurable experience for a viewer or listener.

Novocaine The Band are currently in their journey of creating their own material in studio. With the amazing established sound of being a party band they will be going down this lane of continuing with the sound but also introduce their versatility allowing both their lead vocalist to showcase their ability vocally and tug a bit on the heart of strings.

As any band, they have their wishes to share a stage with some of their favourite artists, we were not surprised when they mentioned @YoungstaCPT because he is young, current and relevant and they have similar roots and upbringings, not forgetting the likes of Celine Dion, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Rockets is also a band they would love to share a stage with. The older band members, like Rezaan, Faseeg and Zaid, are big fans of theirs.

In any band, growth outside the band is something they want to explore. We know how hard it may hit the band when the band members go their separate ways. But, Novocaine The Band explained that should this be something that hits the band, it will be treated with the respect and maturity it deserves. They love each other and support one another completely.

Music is a language that people relate to in different situations. Connecting with your audience is one of the most precious moments. They have had instances where members of the audience would come up to them and give thanks for performing a specific song and that’s what keeps them going as entertainers. A while ago at a corporate event they had a guy come up to them to complement the way they kick started with slow and intimate jams while people were enjoying their meal and then moved into jazz and progressed into the full on party. They would love nothing more than to venture into original material that is aimed at sending a message in a few songs, particularly to the youth.

With aspirations to tour the country showcasing their amazing sound to new listeners in South Africa, they are looking forward to opening up for some amazing artists throughout the country should the opportunity present itself. But until they do, if you are in Cape Town and would love to dance to some amazing sound of the Novocaine The Band, do follow them on these social pages and be sure to contact them for any booking queries:

▪              Tel: +27 71 923 5196

▪              Email:

▪              Website

▪              Facebook

▪              Twitter: @NovocaineCPT

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