I Rise

My mind drift into the dark oblivion
Space and time is mine like every breath I take in
Granted by the hand of the most high
I reach my hand into the sky and form a clenched fist
I scream out, but my voice is a mere tremble
A high pitched sound, like the crash of a drummer’s symbol
This symbolizes the start after the first end,
Before I can move on from my path, I gotta first mend
Using ink like glue spilled from the tip of my first pen
The first ten – steps are always the hardest
Its easy being a rapper, its harder when you’re an artist
Coz you critique your own work more than they ever can,
Like sometimes you forget the fact that you’re a mere man
A mere plan can – set into action the wheels of change – if you just
Pick up yourself and
Wipe off the dust and
Take the first step of ten and try to build momentum – coz the moment you slack, you might stop and look back and start to miss the hole you were stuck in. Like, back in the day I would get down and pray for solutions to problems that were older than I am.

by BK TheRealist

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