Bearing the pages

I’ve wasted far too many tears on the person I thought you were.

The sunrise awakens my mind… “Today is the last day your name stains my tears.” I vowed.

Like a gust of wind, you flung my story to the floor…bearing the pages of life. Cover to cover you know my every weakness, hopes… Even the plans for the next chapter with you as the lead character.

Flapping to the force of the storm…. I’ve unraveled!

Pages of heartbreak ripping out, drifting away as the storm calms…

The connection of minds and bodies! The softness of your hair between my fingertips. .The faint giggles are remnants of an incomplete story.

You are far from a thief in the night. I chose to let you in.

Your words filled the pages of my diary only to be ripped out by the winds of reality.

If I read your story would I appear at all?

on my knees I lay, SCREAMING to the Lord for help,

Words have power…how many more chapters will I right before the pen runs dry?

by Candace Conradie

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