Ode to my twin sisters

Growing up I got to know you as the big twin sisters that always stank when I came by.

You drew so much attention, from even those who flew by

You stood by, all these years and watched me grow from a small boy

To the man I came to be, officially apart of me

Never longed to see to see the two of you,

But everyone who did, knew

What you stood for and what you presence meant for us.

You became ill, rapidly deteriorating

We promised to heal you, but you became tired of waiting

You sealed your own fates, started throwing down your guards

That’s when we realized, you could no longer hold your pose, it was too hard.

Even when we thought of surgery, you just saw the end, and

Even though we tried to comfort you, you knew we could not mend

What was broken was inside of you. A place we couldn’t tend to.

Finally we realized. There was nothing we could do

After taking you for granted, we now have to say goodbye to you.

Called in some experts, to see how we will do this,

Make it quick and painless, to help everyone through this.

They put you through some random tests and stuck some tubing through you

On Sunday during first mass, it stirred me how they blew

I saw the weather changing and the difference in the sky line.

This morning I went pass the place, where you used to stay.

I felt a stirring in my soul, just watching as you lay.

They buried you inside yourselves, right next to each other.

Now watching you, I’m missing you…

Take care okay

Your Brother

 “This was my response to the demolishing of the Athlone Cooling Towers

BK TheRealist
Images courtesy of https://www.6000.co.za/

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