Who broke your mirror?

You used to see yourself
as ambitious and driven
to be the best that you can,
using what you’ve been given.
Dreamt of the red carpet,
your face on the silver screen,
your name up in lights
living every girls dream.
Standing in the mirror
with a hairbrush,
singing all your favourite songs
used to be a head rush.
Nowadays the mirror aint your friend
and you don’t care about your hair
so its just falling here and there
coz circumstances aint fair
and life seems so bear naked
so you take off all your clothes
to be accepted
Put a chain from your nose
to your ear for attention
but still no one pays it

Who broke your mirror?

Raised in a house where you were constantly praised,
you danced and sang and wowed and amazed,
always the star of the show
even when there’s no stage.
Now you’re facing the world and no ones at your feet,
your confidence is low
and your will seems kinda week,
you wear a smile but still you cry yourself to sleep,
coz everyone just sees the band aid,
no one knows the wound is deep.
You relive the glory days
of being everybody’s star,
cuts you deeper every time,
without leaving any scars,
so inside you slowly fade away
into surrounding darkness,
your reflection left in pieces,
asking questions to yourself,

Who broke your mirror?

by BK TheRealist

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