I found it in gratitude

My fear and anxiety were the footsteps that led me to new found gratitude.
Breaking News, office chatter and social media, 3 friends I give my attention to every day.
Have you heard?
The inevitable occurred and our new reality began.
No matter how many times someone told me “It’s going to be ok” I still needed to face my fears and
anxieties in my own time.
Under the blankets, processing my thoughts…I remembered what they said “It’s going to be ok”
My faith was still not shaken by this unfamiliar feeling of fear and anxiety that followed me for days.
Relaxing in the bath…naked with my thoughts.
The simplicities of life flooded my mind
I had a hot meal today.
I have a roof over my head and I was safe from last night’s storm.
Two things I took for granted on my mission to relieve this strange feeling.
My fear and anxiety are our fears and our anxieties.
My prayers for restoration and medical breakthroughs are our nations cry
My hope for humanity has not been shattered.
What happens next? I don’t KNOW. I DON’T KNOW. We don’t know.
A simple question, fueling my fears and anxiety has yet to be answered.
What I know for sure is that we have been forced to face our fears, forced to humble ourselves, forced
to submit to authority.
My fears and anxieties have led me to new found gratitude.
Where has yours led you?

Blog | CA Live | The Pulse of Cape Town Art

By Candace Conradie

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