I don’t live for the standards of others
I don’t live to meet their needs
I live to ensure my survival
I live to find happiness within

Each day brings choices
Each day brings struggle
Each day I fight my demons
Some days I fall and stumble

Wading through a flurry of thoughts
Trying not to sink into the dark below
On a rollercoaster of emotion
Holding my head high, fighting to not let go

Seeking a safe space
Where I can let myself be free
Away from the judgment of others
Away from their toxicity

Hoping to find a helping hand
Hoping to find a guiding light
Hoping to find a friend
Who’ll be there throughout my plight

Who’ll help me face my fears
Who’ll stand by me on the frontline
Who’ll have my back no matter what
Who’ll make sure that I’m fine

Who’ll share the joys of my success
And wipe my tears when I fail
Who’ll hold my hand and remind me
That tomorrow is another day

by Scarlette Phoenix

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