TwentyOne Questions with Sean Dryden

Who is Sean Dryden?
I’m a normal dude from next door – during the day I do my job, which I love, as a facilitator in the corporate world.  After work I sing, act and have fun.  But why have fun on your own if you can help others to explore their potential and talents? That’s why I started the community theatre group, Legend Productions, helping the ordinary achieve the extra ordinary on stage.

What got you into theatre?
Since I can remember I loved telling stories, especially writing them and getting it performed.

Sunday school was a great platform for me experimenting. Musical theatre came alive for me when I bought an instrumental cd in London. The cashier accidently put the wrong disc in the holder. It was Les Miserable!!! I instantly knew then that my life will take a new adventures direction.

You’ve been in so many musicals. Which was your favourite?
If I exclude my own productions, most definitely Annie, Houtkruis, and One Voice

To date, how many theatre productions have you written?
About 6

  1. King Saul
  2. Heroes
  3. The Witness (Revised South African version
  4. I will follow Him!
  5. Forgiven
  6. Judas

Your latest production, Heroes; The Musical, seemed to be well received. Knowing all that you do now, what would you do different if you could?
Very difficult for me, but learn to relax more. There are just certain things that are out of your control.

What would be your dream project?
I would love to convert an old building into my own theatre!

With Heroes; The Musical, you’ve had to change venues after a lot of work has already gone into the production. How has this affected the overall production and cast morale?
It was one of the most difficult things to have gone through.  It affected finances, prior agreements with other stakeholders, cast availability etc. however the cast did a great job sticking out.

What is your least favourite thing about the Cape Town theatre scene?
It’s a horrible industry to work in, unfortunately. The Afrikaans saying “Elkeen vir homself en die duiwel vir die res” sums it up perfectly.

*Each man for themselves and the devil for everyone else

Who is your biggest inspiration?
God and the super hero now and then jumping up in my head.

Do you have a favourite theatre to work at?
As a performer, ArtsCape and as a producer Roxy Revue Bar @ Grand West Casino.

Which themes do you like to pursue through your productions?
That only depends on the actual theme of the story itself, however, if you come to my shows then be ready for lots of Drama!

How do you balance a full time job, family and your theatre commitments?
I think the answer is in your question – by maintaining a healthy balance between all your commitments. The one is not more important than the other.

In your opinion, is social media adding to or subtracting from the youth?
I refuse to answer this, for it will give away my age. LoL. I think it’s more subtracting but not necessarily any fault of their own.

Professionally, what is your goal?
To be the best I can be and help others to the best I can.

Name three artists you would like to work with.
Anna Mart van der Merwe, Jonathan Roxmouth & David Kramer

What can we expect from Sean Dryden in 2018?
After just being done with Heroes, I’m taking a bit of a breather for the rest of the year. My mind, however, won’t stop working on ideas for new productions though. I will also take part in The Producers Musical at the Masque Theatre in July.

Do you think it is easy for new artist to get roles in the bigger productions?
Yes most definitely – My advice would be to accept chorus roles, prove yourselves and build up relationships.

If you could change one thing about Cape Town, what would it be?
The weather! AND we need rain!

What roles do you think artists have in society?
In the fake world we live in they have a responsibility to motivate doing good, telling the truth and never stop being inspirational. In a country where artists hardly get any support from government it’s the communities responsibility to allow artists to do just that.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
Hopefully on stage, my happy place

What advice would you give to a young artist?
Be self-critical and informed enough to know if the work you are doing stacks up to the work you would like to be hanging next to.

Never stop challenging yourself! Hang around people who are better than you think you currently are.

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Facebook: Sean Michael Dryden | Instagram: @SeanChippie

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