Getting to know Mr. K

Who is Mr K?
Who am I? Good question, lol. I am a dad, husband, business owner, public servant, DJ, I am Mr K and-never-give-up! Raised on the Cape Flats, in the oh so scary place called Hanover Park. I Love the neighbourhood, really, people gain respect for their so called “fearlessness and rank” but me, I can truthfully and with pride say, I am no gangster, but I greet and know most of them. I don’t live in Hanover Park anymore, but I still visit there regularly, I have friends and family and to me it’s still very much home. Good people live there, many good people.

What/Who got you into DJing?
I love music, as a kid I used to sit and record music from the radio, stealing my ouma’s old cassette tapes, and recording over her gospel music. When I was young, there was no such things as USB’s, Mp3’s, so cassettes were the mode of getting and exchanging music. My dad had loads of vinyls and my grandparents would never allow us to use the turntable player. My brother and I decided to learn to DJ, he went the formal way, attending DJ school, while I just messed around. I decided to approach a friend, DJ Madfingaz, he taught me the basics. I loved Hard-House, but fell in-love with Deep-House & Tech-House. I still listen to some very dope old skool Hard-House and Trance. My influences don’t really stem from the Deep-House fraternity, but more from people like Carl Cox, Scott Project, Dark by Design, Gaz West, Kutski, Cosmic Gate… Quite hard in terms of genre.

Besides DJing, what else do you do??
My actual full time job is being a public servant, yes, I work in government for the last 13 years. I also own a small events company, which offers services like Sound & Lighting, photography, videography, MC’s, DJ’s, Magic, basically any art requirements for your event. Further to that, my events company also offer graphic design for the event, like invitations, newsletters, flyers, posters, logos etc. So I have two lives, one during the day trying to change the world through providing a service to the SA community, and parallel to that, providing a private service as AK Concepts.

Tell us more about your typical day.
I just recently got married, it’s still very fresh, and the routine too, is quite fresh. My wife, runs a trucking company, my son is in grade 2, and our morning starts with us all trying to get done, and me being the stress bug! When we’re finally in the car, the two of them generally fall victim to me forcing deep house music on them throughout the drive. My son loves hip-hop and so does my wife, so, naturally when they get the chance to play music. Once at work, I will check my emails, take calls, arrange meetings, and plan various events. It’s a real juggling exercise. My wife helps me a lot with the business side of things. If I have a spare moment after work, I practice my DJing or just check online for new tracks.

What do you do when you’re not doing what you regularly do?
I am a mad Liverpool FC supporter, and I make every effort never to miss any game. But beyond that, you will see me with a laptop checking out dope new underground Deep house tracks.

Tell us about AK Concepts.
Founded in 2013, by myself, having spent a great deal managing events in government, as well as being a DJ, I had development and managed quite a few events to promote myself as a DJ brand. AK Concepts, was registered and I started all the ground work in terms of small events, creating networks, finally being able to take on clients to provide an array of events and management services too. We consist of an experienced team, DJ’s, Photographer, videographer, Graphic Designer, Decor and Flowers, Catering as well. We are in our 4th year and are still humbled by our existence. We pride ourselves in providing a top quality service and product at an affordable price. We specialise in weddings, concerts, brand activation, meetings and conferencing, but are able to adapt to your requirements.

What is your role in AK Concepts?
I am the owner, but also the guy which hustles out in the field to attract more clients. Feel free to mail us at

Tell us about the best part of your work.
The chance to meet so many people. I think the ability to give people an opportunity as well. I try and use young people that need to gain experience where I can, be it as a photographer, administrator, DJ, marketing. This is very rewarding. As AK Concepts, the best feeling is seeing an event become a reality and seeing the client, but also his clients/customers happy. As a DJ, I would say, seeing people dance to your music, until you’re more exhausted then them, that tells me I did a good job.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
I guess my desire is to be a successful business man, and this could really be many avenues I have dipped my hands into. But I would still like to give back to the place where my roots originate. This will happen, I’m certain. I also want to focus on producing music, 3 years, lets agree I would have least produced one very good track. Everything takes time, patience and perseverance. Oh, let me not forget, I also want to be a dad to a another son, or daughter, don’t matter.

Who is your inspiration/Role Model?
My inspiration is Walter Sisulu, from a holistic point of view. Determined in character, yet, strategic in nature, a real leader. Someone who can influence many to follow in a particular Idea I have, to change lives, society, be it through music, dance, politics, special events, or just a mere acknowledgment in discussion.

Views around the Cape Town music scene?
It’s pretty good, but still needs much needed mind shifts. We have an abundance of talent, but artists require support through brand management, financial management, financial assistance. It’s not easy being a full time artist, so as a musician, it’s important to follow your passion, but try and evolve as much skills within that industry.

PlayStation or Xbox?

What other names do you go by?
Mr K and Mr Kearns

What music are you listening to now?
Riders on the Storm – (The Deep Storm House Remix feat, Dura)

Which politician would you feature at one of your events?
If he was alive, Walter Sisulu

Any upcoming projects we should be looking out for?
Recently started an event called “This is Real Deep Sundays” which happens every second Sunday at a placed called, Gonzo’s Pool Lounge. The vibe is chilled, free entry, amazing pizza, cocktails (be very careful the barmen have heavy hands and pour heavy too!), nice lounge feel with ample parking space and…well amazing deephouse Music from home-grown CPT DJ’s, including myself. Currently busy assisting someone with a project to help an organisation called BEIT-UN-NUR SOCIETY for the DESTITUTE which is located in Schaapkraal. The event happens on the 21st May 2017, where we invite all to bring items like Shoes, toys, toiletries, tinned foods, even sign up to volunteer. The event is hosted by RS Customs in partnership with AK Concepts and starts at 11am. We would like to encourage all bike clubs, car clubs, sport clubs, civil society, communities to come through on this day and help make a difference.

What is your favourite childhood memory?
I’d have to say getting my very first computer, or wait, my baby brother getting us a computer. We played music every single day, we copied music, shared and swopped music, built our own sound…
I think we both just loved music and pumping it as loud we could.

Most embarrassing moment?
There have been many… Most of them involving me being a bit intoxicated. So let me then just say, falling off the stage at a pizza joint just round the corner from where I live. #ShackThings

What else can we expect from Mr K?
To continue to hustle. DJ as much as I can. hopefully making a name for myself, keeping myself to the ground and working my ass off, but believe me, I never just give up.

What is your favourite event to work on and why?
I love weddings, because I get to just express love through music. It’s a special moment for the couple, and I try and bring that emotions across through my song selection. I like using intelligent lighting to create that air of romance and love. I love playing at a little place in Long street, Cape Town, it’s called Julep Cocktail Bar. The deep house we play there is nothing like what’s being played mainstream. It’s actually a place I call home, I play there regularly, and have hosted many events over there the last 2 years. I’ve even been a resident DJ for the festive period.

Any advice for young DJ’s coming up?
Be different, I’m not saying don’t listen to mainstream, or don’t follow the now, but, understand what makes you jump when you listen to it, takes you into another world, makes you smile for no reason, when you hear that snare, baseline, key etc.… Find it, mold it, brand it, be it. You’re going to be turned away by many, people will say you can’t do it bra, keep working at it. most important, feel confident in what you play.

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Twitter: @AK_Concepts | Instagram: @adrian_mr_kearns
Facebook: Adrian Kearns
WhatsApp: +27769580754


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  1. Interesting read , deep house is definitely the way to start the day. Much success with all the new ventures…


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