Introducing: Ricardo Dyson

Who is Ricardo Dyson?
People won’t believe it but I am a nerd. As a kid it was church, books, basketball, games and TV. I’m a family guy with a wife, kids and a dog. I live in the Eureka Estate area at the moment after previously residing in Uitsig, Brackenfell and Delft. The Brackenfell move was forced after being held at gunpoint at home in Eureka, but i moved back eventually. I work for a boss in the service and recruitment industry by day and by night and weekends I squeeze in as much musical activity as possible. My main goal musically is to be part of a collaborative movement in Cape Town that’s why I collab as much as possible with various producers, writers, singers, rappers and all types of muzos.

What/who got you into music?
Boyz II Men got me into singing and I was inspired to start writing after hearing “Someone to Love” by Jon B and BabyFace, with Mr. Edmonds being my all time favourite songwriter of course.

Tell us more about your typical day
Work, work and work. Once that’s done it’s the ever constant juggle between family, writing new songs, rehearsing, music hook-ups and watching football. I mainly get gigs or studio time weekends, etc.

How would you describe your music?
Ever-changing. I would describe myself as a traditional RnB artist, so the influence will be there always but I dabble in various genres. It’s a bit of my life’s story through song, sometimes exaggerated a bit like “we party every weekend” – not that much no, and sometimes as real as it gets with a track like “I still believe” or “Dear Judge”.

Tell us about the best part of your work.
My day job – the ability to make a difference

My music – I come alive when I am on the stage, in those moments you get to really see me, because I hide nothing then.

How/where do you see yourself/your work in the next 3 / 5 years?
I’ve felt and seen the progress after my initial indie release in 2013 and now I learning a few tricks on the business of music. I see myself being a better artist firstly however, but want to be a music business pro in 3-5 years. I wanna be able to know all the ins and outs to building my brand, but also be in a position to guide younger musicians. Maybe I’ll have a book out by then 😉

What is your favourite childhood memory?
My family and I mean my entire family. We were so close knit, everyone stayed in the same flat in Uitsig and till this day we are there for each other. Not one specific moment, but just the memory that my family was there for me, that’s it for me.

How can artist use music to influence positive change in the community?
People need someone to inspire them at times. Your neighbour sometimes needs to see you do good to try and follow suit. Music always had that ability to get people to listen other than just speaking to them. If we’re from the same hood and I see you can do it, i might just be inspired to try too. That’s very a very basic and maybe naive approach, but I believe in it nonetheless.

Who is your inspiration/role model?
My Mom. She’s always been and always will be.

If you could throw a parade of any calibre through the President’s office what type of parade would it be?
Depends on the President, but if it’s our current one a “Dance dance revolution” party. A, that guy can jive and B, the name of the game is apt, the revolution is coming.

What is your least favourite thing about the music scene lately?
There’s too much anger. People are too angry at a time where the doors have literally been kicked wide open for local artists to get heard. People bash the mainstream radio, but they don’t create an alternative. People bash an artist doing well instead of trying to compete on their own level. And that’s just it, as much as you love this music thing you have to realise that you are in a competition, if not against someone else then against yourself to become better and better daily.

What kitchen utensil are you?
Knife, definitely a knife. “I glide through steak like” …. :”’)

What was the last gift you gave someone?
A doll, to my cousin that turned 8 last week

Are you a night owl or morning person?
Combo. I don’t need a lot of sleep, but it doesn’t do anything to my mood either. I know.

What would we find in your fridge right now?
Food, juice, Coke.

How do you prepare for a performance?
Rehearse constantly, watch live performance videos, pray.

What has been your highlight in 2016?
Being on stage with RnB Superstar, Verd Eaton. He called me out of the crowd to join him! It was way too dope!

What is your most embarrassing moment?
Ending up outside of a police holding cell for contempt of court. The police dude was great though, he said “Mister you don’t look like you belong here, you can sit here outside the cell” This all because of a court date missed for a medical bill. Was embarrassing cause my wife had to come and pay the fine R200, I had my bank card on me but the court didn’t take card.

If this is our last ever conversation, what words of wisdom would you leave me with?

“Keep pushing on” – wise words from a wise friend of mine


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